8 BEST KETTLEBELL EXERCISES FOR ABS | Kettlebell Ab Exercises For A Lean Strong Core

whatsup guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and these are the best kettlebell abs exercises of all time let’s go kettlebell windmills plank saw kettlebell swings kb carries abs are on fire right now we hope you guys like those abs exercises with kettlebells. if you did be sure to smash the […]

Florian Poirson Ep.5 – FAT BURNING – 5 TIPS – Olimp Sport Nutrition

Hello everyone, it’s Florian Poirson from Olimp Sport Nutrition Today, I’m coming to you with 5 valuable tips which will help you reduce your body fat So let’s start with tip number 1 Start with cardio. During the process of building my muscle mass I do cardio quite often especially at the end of my […]

1. 10 most asked questions related to weight loss and fat burn. Important tips to lose belly fat.

hello guys , welcome to fitness kinetics and without wasting any time let’s start 10 biggest questions related to fat loss and their answers. which can help you in order to lose fat in right way first question:- should we drink juice or eat fruits raw. Ans:- it depends upon condition of fruits. if fruits […]

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Hey everyone Today’s ab workout is just 10 minutes but it’s gonna be intense your abs will love you and hate you at the same time But it’s gonna be worth it So this workout one is part of my 2 weeks shredding program to help you get closer to that defined abs and the […]

How To: Dumbbell Chest Press

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com I’m going to demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell chest press. First thing you’re going to do is find a set of dumbbells that you can do, and what you want to do is put them in front of the machine when you start to […]


hey my love’s welcome back, today we’re doing plank workout for abs and strong core, and without further ado let’s jump into this workout.Please subscribe hit the notification bell not to miss my workouts, like and comment it helps me grow and feel free to share this workout with your friends I’ll see you at […]

The REAL Reason I Lost My Abs (EMBARRASSING) | Connor Murphy Vlogs

How to Do 10/10 Interval Training To Burn Fat Faster

Right now, I’m going to show you how to do a ten/ten interval workout to burn a lot of fat in less than ten minutes. In a ten/ten interval workout, you do something real intense for ten seconds, and then you rest for ten seconds. You will keep repeating this over and over for just […]

Fastest way to burn fat with T3! !أسرع طريقة لحرق الدهون بجروث هرمون! للمنافسين فقط

good morning everybody today im doing a different video its not the best quality since im doing it from home ill summarize in a few minutes how i start my day when im prepping for a contest and how i burn fat the most efficient way possible especially during the last month so this video […]

Mass Building Chest Workout with Connor Murphy

How’s it going guys? Just about to kill this chest workout at my school gym. Alright, let’s get shredded.