100 Yo Mama Jokes – Can You Watch Them All?

Roux en-Y Gastric Bypass, with Introduction on Body Mass Index, Animation.

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, refers to a variety of surgical procedures for treatment of morbid obesity. Obesity is determined by Body Mass Index or BMI, which is calculated as the ratio of body weight over square of body height. The higher the BMI the higher the extent of obesity. A normal BMI is […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Joel’s Meat Diet

Joel: Somebody mentioned Ally McBeal earlier. I was a waiter on Ally McBeal. and I got to the point where I kind of knew Lucy Liu and I kind of knew Portia de Rossi and we started a conversation or whatever. At the time I was on the meat diet And I think Portia de […]

Mandatory Super Soldier Diet For US Military Troops

Everyone knows that if you’re planning on joining the military, then you’d better be ready to be told what to do. From day one you’ll be told what to wear, where to go, what to do when you get there, who to talk to or not talk to, and even what time you’ll get to […]

How To Produce More Brain Cells – The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle by Brant Cortright

How to produce more brain cells. The content of this video is based upon the book titled the Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle, authored by Brant Cortright. The book summarizes our current knowledge about how we can influence our brains neurogenesis, which is the production of new neurons. It was previously believed that we stopped creating […]

Why we’re fatter than in the 1950s – Warren Nash

This video was made possible by Nutracheck. The calorie counter and exercise tracker app with a verified database of over 225,000 UK foods. You’d be hard pressed not to have noticed the high rates of obesity in the developed world today – despite the fact more of us than ever are obsessed with our diet […]