Applying what we’ve learned from clinical trials about cachexia to cancer survivors

>>Thank you. Iím Jeff Crawford. Iím a medical oncologist at the other University in North Carolina -Duke. I want to thank the organizers for inviting me. Iíve been involved in clinical trials for a number of years and fortunately was recently involved in some cachexia studies, and here are some disclosures. I canít start without […]

Measuring function in cancer patients: do we need disease- or sarcopenic-specific measures?

>>Thank you and thanks to the organizers for inviting me here today. I also harken from the University of Alberta and my task is to talk to you about measuring function and I want to say that with a caveat. 20 some odd years ago when I first stood up in front of a group […]

Meet ShapeScale: 3D Body Composition and Fitness Tracking

ShapeScale is the first scale that digitizes your body in three dimensions you simply step on it and ShapeScale scans your body in less than a minute. It captures hundreds of pictures to create a stunning virtual model that looks just like you. So you can see yourself as other people do. using the ShapeScale […]

How to Protect Your Muscle Mass When Losing Weight | CML #48

This is how to protect your muscle mass when you’re losing weight. Hi I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of This is Chris Masterjohn Lite where the name of the game is “Details? Shmeetails. Just tell me what works!” When you lose weight, you’re trying to lose fat, but many people when they lose weight often […]

Bod Pod: Measuring Body Composition (Body Fat) at the Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory

Unfortunately, BMI, which is what most people use only gives the rough estimate of whether or not you’re really overweight or obese because people have different body types. We use the technique called the Bod Pod where we actually displace air to determine body density and from your body density we can fairly accurately determine […]

Optimal body weight & body fat distribution

In our last video we mentioned that the formulas to estimate energy requirements should refer to a healthy weight. But how do we determine what a healthy weight is? There are three indicators that can help us evaluate a person’s weight, and these are health by weight ratios, body fat composition and body fat distribution. […]

Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker

Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker Body composition analysis shows you the approximate percentage of body fat and muscle mass Before you measure your body composition wear your fitness tracker for at least 15 minutes To get an as accurate result as possible wear your tracker comfortably tight above the wrist bone Also make […]

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain in a Caloric Deficit, with Todd Miller |

That works so I want to talk I just first want to lay the groundwork and talk about the difference between weight loss and fat loss so most of you are working with the general population the vast majority of people that come to you are probably interested in weight loss would you say that’s […]