The Under 20 Minute Workout System – Burn Fat Fast

Let’s go. Pump it. Jack it up. ‘X’ it out. Jack it down. Hurt your back. What? I’m kidding. That’s not what the Under 20 Workout is all about. I’m Justin O’Connor, creator of the Under 20 Workout. I’ve been training my whole life. I played for the Detroit Junior Red Wings, also played 2 […]

What’s the best weight loss exercise for obese or overweight? “Vangel’s Super Squat”

Hello it Vangel weight loss expert Founder of substitute health Just for obese and over weight. Ah, Vangel’s super squat, Burn level 10 Weight loss exercise. This is the exercise that beats Them all, hands down. Nothing In the world is better. The best Of the best. I could go on. And on Lets […]

8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. We’re going to continue our series today of our 8 Best Exercises. This time covering the 8 Best Bodyweight Exercises you can do. And we’re going to mix it up guys, it’s not just strength training exercises but conditioning as well. If you want to be an Athlete, you’ve […]

Home Fat Burning Workout – The “HURRICANE HEADRUSH” Bodyweight Workout