Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster Workout | Jay Maryniak

What’s up? Performix athlete Jay Maryniak here, and I’m about to take you guys through my Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster. The goal of this workout is we’re going to keep that heart rate up. We’re going to be building strength and burning fat. Alright, so this workout is structured a little bit differently. We’re going to […]

Kids workout 1 Beginners

Hi everyone, my name is Maurice. And I like to thank you for making a conscious decision to get in shape. Now this video is for all ages, kids, teens, and adults. Now the exercises we put together will help you to build muscle, tone muscle, build flexibility, and enhance your coordination. Neck exercises from […]

Older Men: Nutrition Determines 80% Of The Way You Look And Feel – The Best Mens Weight Loss Plan

hello hello hello guys welcome to this live broadcast welcome to workouts for women live hi I’m Skip La Cour and I’m so glad you are here joining me say hey when you come on to this live broadcast make sure that you say hello hello hello tell me where you’re watching me from post […]

Crossfit Workout! Ab & Full Body Weight Training + Warm Up Routine at the GYM

Welcome to Stay Fit and Travel with Emi! Today, I’m going to show you a bit of what I do at the gym with weights and different equipment what I train for abs, some upper body and also legs I’ll also show you my warm-up routine So if I only post my 10 minute workout […]

Chest Workout | Charles Glass Trains Errol Moore at The Mecca

what’s up muscle & strength my name is Errol Moore IFBB pro I’m part of team Nutrex we’re here at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach about to get in a workout with Charles Glass you want to fatigue your chest a little first then you start pausing it that way you don’t have to go so […]

Best Gym Music 2017 Playlist for Your Workout – 💪 – Training edm Fitness hits

Best Gym Music 2017 Playlist for Your Workout – 💪 – Training edm Fitness hits

Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Iain Valliere’s Prep Diet

alright muscle & strength this is IFBB Pro Iain Valliere here we’re at sobeys its the local grocery store we’re gonna get some groceries you guys can see what I get on a weekly basis here for the first section here obviously we’re gonna come into will be like fruits vegetables I mean I’m not […]

Best Gym Music – New Workout Music 2016/2017

Best Gym Music – New Workout Music 2016/2017

SARMs | Steroid-Like Gains Without The Side Effects of Steroids?

In a world that is evidently becoming less natty by the minute it has come to my attention that people are constantly looking for new shortcuts for gains and SARMs are starting to be the next big thing. In fact word on the street Is that SARMs are safe have virtually no side effects and […]

Fat loss diet, training VLOG in Hindi (Eng subs)

Good morning The hardest thing to do is to get up First task of the day is done as we are up This is my supplement cabinet And if you go two steps up This is another benefit of working out on a diet You start drinking less and can build up a stock Nope […]