I Tried A Vegan Keto Diet For A Week

this meat smells weird today is a dark day I just want real food today I have to go vegan so last week I lost a bet to my friend Carrie is one of the best vegan news we’ve ever had it is I lost and I will be vegan for a week and I […]

Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

The Try Guys Diet Like Pregnant Women For A Week

We are trying a week-long pregnancy diet. KEITH: Can’t have caffeine. NED: Uhhhhh… ZACH: The f*** is thiamine? EUGENE: I am positive I can survive Coachella without any drinking NED: NO! KEITH: I’m sleepy. I am so sorry. You’re gonna try, but obviously you may cave. Pregnant women don’t get to just cave. Well we’re […]

How I Lost 10% Body Fat In 4 Months

when you walked out I was like you look like an action figure hey there I’m aria and for four months this year I trained in MMA before actually stepping in a cage and fighting someone what a fun time that was if you haven’t seen that video I would encourage that you check it […]

Couples Swap Diets For A Week

do people enjoy this let me taste if it’s a shock BP beats know we’re changing diets [Music] hey my name is 10 and I’m sawasdee and this week we’re gonna swap diets for a week our butts are pretty different they’re similar in the way that we we both are fitness enthusiasts try and […]

Was Ben Franklin In A Sex Cult?

– Some people think history is boring, but I think Ben Franklin might have been involved in some weird sex parties. (grand orchestral music) Guys, what do you know about Ben Franklin? – Kites, kites. – Ethics. – Kites and– – Kites and keys. – And the feather with the ball, right? He did that. […]

Men Work Out And Diet Based On Their DNA

– Today we’re getting DNA tested with Fitness Genes. – We’re gonna send it to a lab and then get a diet plan and a workout plan based on our genetics. This is my boyfriend Juan, I’m Asian, he’s Latino. We’re curious how that might affect how our bodies react to our food. Something that […]

Lose Some Weight

(lively music) – That’s what I’m trying to do. (lively music) – My god. – [Driver] Fat ass! (rock music) – Hey girl. – Hey. – Hi Lily, salad again? – In reality yes, but in my mind I’m enjoying a large stuffed crust cheese pizza with a lot of leaves on it so. (laughing) […]

We Tried To Survive Tom Brady’s Diet

– I think NFL quarterbacks during the season try to eat somewhat healthy. – Probably like Schwarzenneger. – Definitely a vegan. Probably eats a ton of vegetables. Ton of water. – Just like raw eggs, tons of eggs, like 20 omelets and steak. – For the next 24 hours, I think I will do fairly […]

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

(heavy breathing) (crying) – My name’s Kelsey and most of you know me as the loud mouth, no filtered, boss ass bitch producer from Buzzfeed, which I am, but something that very few people know about me is that I suffer from a neuropathic, chronic pain condition know as Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN. The Trigeminal […]