The Doctors Health Intervention for Honey Boo Boo

Reality stars dominate the television landscape. And for the last ten years, many of those stars have come to The Doctors to share their personal stories of triumph, or to seek advice on a variety of health concerns. What we found with many of these reality stars, is that their backstories might be too real […]

Dangerous New Viral ‘Princess Diet’

from the diamond tiara to the tiny cinched waist everyone is familiar with the image of a fairytale princess well there’s now a dangerous new viral trend that has many asking how far would you be willing to go to look like one diets come and go often making it difficult to separate fact from […]

Lifestyle Changes Bring Two Guys from Overweight to Six Pack Abs

Our audience was in awe over Noah and Eugene. Years of yo-yo dieting and drug abuse had Noah’s life spiraling out of control. Doctors told Eugene if he didn’t change his ways, he wouldn’t see his 30th birthday. Here’s a look back at their incredible transformations. When I was a kid, soccer was my dream. […]

Is the BMI Chart Accurate?

(applause) You’ve got medical questions, we’ve got answers. It’s time for the segment we like to call Ask The Doctors. (applause) And this first question comes from Michelle on Youtube. She writes, I was told the BMI chart is somewhat inaccurate as it doesn’t take into account muscle mass which is heavier than fat and […]