Fitness Advice : How to Interpret Your Body Fat Percentage

Hi, okay so this is how to interpret your body fat percentage. Without fail, as a trainer for several years without fail, many people come to me and they’re usually very very concerned about two things: their weight or their body fat. Typically is a more accurate gage of what’s going on with a persons […]

How to make muscle (lean body mass)

why aren’t you making the muscle you’re working out you’re eating and yet you come to me saying Ashley I just can’t figure it out I’m not able to make the lean body mass that I crave for my body to have the body composition that I’m looking for so I wanted to share this […]

Top 10 Foods to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

When we talk about the top five or ten most important foods for building muscle, I think the first and foremost most important thing we need to do is to realize that eating food, and whole foods, is very important. Especially if you’re a novice or you’re a new body builder or someone just starting […]

Basics for gaining Muscle Mass: FAQ with Dusko Madzarovic by THE Nutrition

How to Use Protein Powder to Gain Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

You know, we live in a day and age when everybody talks about there not being enough hours in a day. There’s not enough time for me to work out. There’s not enough time for me to eat right. There’s not enough hours in a day for me to get all of my meals prepared. […]

Best Supplements for Weight Loss 3 Proven Fat Loss Aids

so what are the best supplements for weight loss I got three for you coming up what is up 4 Faith family thank you for tuning into the video again if you are new here consider subscribing to the channel because I talk about weight loss and fat loss and that is it I give […]