Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

What are you putting in your body? dead, carcass, pain, suffering, fear Can I have all of my vegans go into that pool of light and my non-vegans in that pool of light First statement, taste plays a big factor in my eating choices Yeah, I mean, that’s a huge thing for me, I think […]

I Lost 140lbs And Finally Had My Extreme Excess Skin Removed | BRAND NEW ME

Steph: Oh, I was running outof room in size 24 trousers, until it clicked one day. I was worried I was going to die early. I used to be 21 stone and now I’m simply 10 stone. So I’ve over lost half my body weight. But when I lost the weight and skin started to […]

The Paleo Diet FACT or FICTION | Caveman Diet | Paleo Food List | Paleo Diet Weight Loss | Stone Age

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A Mom Tried Keto Diet For 30 Days. This Is What Happened When Things Went Wrong.

A mom tried keto diet for 30 days. Things went wrong for her, just weeks after starting it. This is what happened, to her pancreas. JC is a 32 year old woman, presenting to the emergency room with progressively worsening speech, vision, and strength. She opens her mouth to speak to the admitting nurse, but […]

Salt and Blood Pressure on a Keto Diet

You go to any old school doctor and they’re going to tell you that if your blood pressure’s high, you need to decrease your sodium intake. Well, that’s living in the past. Science has changed. Everything has evolved in the world of our diets and in the world of health in general. So let’s talk […]

The Truth Behind Keeping MORE Muscle While Cutting NATURALLY | EASY & PRACTICAL TIPS FOR ANYONE!

Hey, what’s going Nation? I hope you guys had a great weekend for those of you Who probably did my upper body workout that I released on Sunday you had a great weekend Up until you tried that workout because you probably sore as hell right now But aside from that I thought it’d be […]

I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

Ahhh! My weight went up AGAIN?! This scale MUST be broken. Ever since I started working, the cute little university girl has now transformed into the chubby office cookie monster! How did this happen to me?! I really try to watch what I eat by not eating so much for dinner though I do instead […]

How To Burn Lower Belly Fat

My name is Nick Mitchell. I’m a personal trainer in London. I own a gym called Ultimate Performance and here in this gym, we train everybody from pop stars ad soap stars to professional athletes and lots and lots of regular people in the art and science of body composition. Those of you who have […]

Diet Pills Are Dangerous (weight loss pills)

This is a picture of a man who was sent to the hospital thanks to diet pills. He took pills to help him lose weight, and he wanted to add more muscle, but wound up in a coma because the doctors had to do a surgery, where they had to cut muscle out of the […]