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To me, God is cold. You could say that I think of the cold as a noble force. It’s just helping me. It’s training me. It’s bringing me back to the inner nature the way it was meant to be. And there’s a way I do not only endure, the cold, I love the cold.>>We […]

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(dramatic music)NARRATOR: All great story tellers are liars.Everybody knows it.Nobody cares.As long as the stories have intrigue, adventure, romance.But what if the story teller takes it one step too far.What if he starts living out his fantasies.Chances are somebodies going to get hurt.(dramatic music)In true crime, investigation and convictionmay take years.But every detective knowsthat the […]

The Giants of Iceland

Iceland. Its very name suggests a kind of strength. Something about its viking history, its inhospitable climate, and massive geothermal power has given the country an almost unparallel reputation in the world’s strongest man competition. It might have a population of just 300,000 people, but amongst those are some of the strongest that have ever […]

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