One Man’s Journey to a Healthier Life

Three years ago our first guest weighed over 600 pounds. He began his weight-loss journey by walking to Walmart every day and since then he’s lost over half his body weight. From Avondale, Arizona please welcome Pat Brocco. So it’s hard to believe, I mean you look amazing. You’re a big guy anyway, how tall […]

LIVE IT: Lose Weight with Avocados and Almonds

How to Make Cretan Spinach Pie with Andy Milonakis

VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

We’ve all experienced it. We invite a friend to dinner, only to learn that she is the dreaded V-word. We have a vague sense of what it means, but we’re left with so many questions? Is it healthier? Will you sit on my leather couch? Can we still go to Taco Bell? In a world […]

22 Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of And Still Not Gain Weight

Dry and Wet Aged Steaks At New York’s Most Famous Steakhouse — The Meat Show

– The Meat Show’s coming to you from New York City, we are in front of Delmonico’s, America’s oldest restaurant. Also America’s oldest steak house. The chef here, Billy Oliva, called me up, he said he’s got something special planned, because they’re coming up on their 180th anniversary, so let’s go inside and find out […]

I Went On A High Fat Diet For A Week To Lose Fat (Ketogenic Diet) – No Sweat: EP7

Oh my god, I couldn’t shit so I took a little enema thing, and I shove it up my ass. It hurts so badly. In today’s episode we’re going to be trying out a diet trend that’s all the rage right now. The high fat ketogenic diet. With the ketogenic diet, you’re actually required to […]

Mom Of Formerly Autistic Child Explains Gluten Free Casein Free Diet – Holly Riley

My son Quinn was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, and in our research to try and help him, we learned from many other families that dietary intervention can be very powerful. And it was, I think, the single most important step we took in healing our son. And one of the […]

Do Not Take The Kpop IU Diet Challenge!

the kpop iu idol challenge is not a properly balanced diet and can harm you! iu herself was admitted to the hospital for eating disorders.