Applying what we’ve learned from clinical trials about cachexia to cancer survivors

>>Thank you. Iím Jeff Crawford. Iím a medical oncologist at the other University in North Carolina -Duke. I want to thank the organizers for inviting me. Iíve been involved in clinical trials for a number of years and fortunately was recently involved in some cachexia studies, and here are some disclosures. I canít start without […]

Measuring function in cancer patients: do we need disease- or sarcopenic-specific measures?

>>Thank you and thanks to the organizers for inviting me here today. I also harken from the University of Alberta and my task is to talk to you about measuring function and I want to say that with a caveat. 20 some odd years ago when I first stood up in front of a group […]

The Obesity Paradox Probably Isn’t Real – Overweight Associated with Higher Mortality

Back in 2013, this article appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association: This well-done meta-analysis looked at 97 studies that examined the link between body mass index and mortality, and found that, relative to those with a normal BMI, those with BMIs in the 25-30 range had a lower all-cause mortality. The weight […]