One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes with Aerobic Exercise

CSA Presents: The Hadfield Shake – Exercise on the ISS

Weightlessness is cool. It lets you do things you just can’t do anywhere else. You can fly and float and turn. But it doesn’t come for free. Without constant load on your body, you can get incredibly lazy. Your muscles will start dissolving. Your bones will start getting reabsorbed back into your body. So to […]

It’s Your Choice: Floor or Bed Exercises

welcome to the section of the video where you can do your exercises on your bed or on your floor in your living room in this section you can work on stretching and strengthening some major muscle groups of your torso and legs while in a secure horizontal position here are some guidelines about using […]

Jumping Rope Demonstration

>>MARK: Hey it’s Mark from and I want to show you how to jump rope A lot of people when they jump rope they do double hops or, it’s not really smooth and so it’s really inefficient, you get tired really really fast but, jump roping really isn’t that hard if you have the […]

3 Core Stability Ball Exercises

Todd Galati: Hi. I’m Todd Galati from the American Council on Exercise. This is Julia, and today we’re going to teach you three great exercises that you can do using a stability ball that are good for everyone from the beginner through to the athlete. Before you use a stability ball for exercise, the first […]

Vocal exercise – Speaking #5: What’s your pitch pattern?

Anything you say has a pitch pattern. If you use the same pitch pattern repeatedly, it will sound monotonous and your listeners will switch off. Using different pitch patterns – known as intonation – helps to give different meanings to your phrase. Use a phrase that you might use in your daily routine. It could […]

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes – Exercise Song For Kids

Hi kids! Let’s shake our body. Come on! Dance to the tune Work out is a move! We are healthy soon! Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Knees and Toes) And eyes and ears and mouth and nose Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Knees and Toes) March. march, march. Let us all march! March, march, march. […]