BMI part 3- the evidence against BMI

Hi everyone its Ali from Ok2BeFat and it’s time for some fat activism basics. In this series of videos I’ll be talking about BMI or the body mass index If you haven’t watched part 1 and 2 yet I suggest you go back and watch them now so we’re all on the same page. Ready? […]

Can I be overweight and healthy? | Dr. Bizzy Examines

the idea that someone could be both overweight and healthy has been around for some time a simple look into workout culture would show an innate fascination for becoming bigger stronger and fitter but does packing on the extra weight actually cause more harm than good latest science is quite clear and detailed the negative […]

BMI part 1- An intro to BMI from a fat activism perspective

Hi everyone its Ali from Ok2BeFat, and it’s time for some fat activism basics. In this series of videos I’ll be talking about BMI– the body mass index. I wasn’t originally going to cover this topic because it’s almost too basic. Because everyone knows that BMI is a bad tool That’s misused to stigmatize people. […]

Fat shaming, Bill Maher and James Corden

– Hi everybody, this is Ali from Ok2BeFat. I came here today to talk to you about fat shaming and I guess we’re gonna talk about Bill Maher. I saw that that, what is your name sir, James Corden. I know who he is, but I’m bad with names and so I was like Jimmy […]

😬 im a FAT BULLY and EVERYONE hates me 😭 || mermaidqueenjude [CC]

hi mermaids, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Jude hello and I have a little bit of breaking news for you apparently I’m cancelled cause I’m toxic and a fat bully I kind of want to talk about this idea that fat femmes, fat women online can’t hold people […]

Elderly Church Leader Shames Teen For Being Overweight

often times we come face-to-face to challenging situations even in places that we feel safe Gena ran into this at church and her bully was in the form of an elderly woman when people have a certain perspective in a way that they view the world they can become blinded that is why it is […]