My Thoughts on Karma, Overweight People, Sexism, LGBTQIA, and More.

hello everyone important questions that I get sometimes you guys in the past I may have posted things that I regret postings and of course you got to think twice at some times before you actually start posting things because people can take your what you say out of context and they could you know […]

Can I be overweight and healthy? | Dr. Bizzy Examines

the idea that someone could be both overweight and healthy has been around for some time a simple look into workout culture would show an innate fascination for becoming bigger stronger and fitter but does packing on the extra weight actually cause more harm than good latest science is quite clear and detailed the negative […]

Fat shaming, Bill Maher and James Corden

– Hi everybody, this is Ali from Ok2BeFat. I came here today to talk to you about fat shaming and I guess we’re gonna talk about Bill Maher. I saw that that, what is your name sir, James Corden. I know who he is, but I’m bad with names and so I was like Jimmy […]

Al Roker Speaks Out On Fat-Shaming: ‘It Scars People’ | TODAY

20 Most Overweight Countries In The World (2019)

Americans are the fattest nation in the world, right? Wrong! That title belongs to a tiny island nation in Central Pacific. Keep watching to find out which 20 countries are the fattest in the world! 20. Bahamas The Bahamas might be a dream destination for tourists from all over the world, but this country also […]

Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

Hey, everybody’s Steven from Asia boss when it comes to beauty standards. It doesn’t get much stricter than South Korea Where any female weighing over 110 pounds regardless of her height is considered by many to be chubby? So could you even imagine how beautiful and thin you must be in order to win the […]