Best Exercises to Lose Weight | Obesity

If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise is very important. First, before you start any exercise regimen, speak with your doctor and make sure that you’re healthy enough to go ahead and exercise. The next thing though is choose exercises that you enjoy, because if you consider it torture, you’re obviously not going to continue […]

Real Time Beginner Full Body FAT BURNING HIIT Workout・Equipment Free & low impact

Hey guys, welcome back to Led Fit. I am Serein and today we’re going to do a quick five, 10 or 15 minute HIIT. This is a full body fat burning workout, minimal jumping. I will give you exercises to modify if you cannot jump or if you live in an apartment with neighbors underneath […]

Fat-Burning Workout Without Breaking A Sweat ft. Rebecca Tan (HYPOXI) – No Sweat: EP2

Hey guys, it’s Tyen. I’m a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. Today I’m going to be trying out a fat and weight loss method called Hypoxi. Now it’s really popular among celebs and its made its way to Singapore. So it’s basically a workout that claims to burn cellulite and fat more efficiently and you barely […]

3 Exercises you can Start Doing Today to Burn Fat

Hi, I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. Here are three exercises you can start doing today to burn fat. Research has shown us that high intensity interval training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. A lot of people don’t know what that means. All that means, is we have to up […]

How To Do Cardio Without A Treadmill (837 CALORIE BURN METABOLIC WORKOUT)

All right guys burn over 800 calories with his metabolic training workout Welcome to Live Lean TV. I’m Brad Gouthro from So guys on today’s episode I’m showing you how to do cardio without a treadmill Including a metabolic training workout that burns over 800 calories so guys this is episode 8 of 9 […]

Monster Monday At-Home HIIT Workout: FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30 Day Fitness Plan by RSP

(energetic music) – Yo guys, what’s up? I’m Hannah Eden and I’m here to take you through your day one of your 30 Day Fire Program. So let me tell you a little about myself, and about this program and how we’re gonna get started. I’m gonna guide you guys through this workout. Through the […]

25 Min HIIT Workout with Weights // Burn 200 Calories

10 MIN FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT | Intense Fat Burning Circuit Training – No Equipment – Weight Loss

welcome to this intense 10-minute full body workout this workout is brought to you in partnership with secret active we will be sweating a lot today so I have the fresh scent on and I love that it was formulated specifically for high activity so the more I sweat the harder it works and it […]