Marlon’s Experiences Jogging Trails

Welcome to Marlons experiences and today I am going to start on one of my new year’s resolution to stay fit Join me as our jog through a nearly one-mile course But before I do that for longevity and injury prevention I usually do a light warm-up of about three to five minutes For example, […]

Running Music: Running Workout Music 2017: Motivation Music Jogging Fitness Training

Running Music: Running Workout Music 2017

Jogging Safety: How To Protect Yourself While Running | TODAY

Why Jogging is a Waste of Time for Tennis Conditioning | Episode 9

Hello and welcome, my name is Philipp Halfmann and I am the Director of Exercise & Sports Science at the IAAPH, and author of “Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning for Tennis”. In the previous episode I shared my opinion on how to improve the state of US tennis. In today’s episode I will explain […]

Functional Fitness Training Exercises for Beginners : Functional Fitness Jogging

Hello my name is Carey Kepler and I’m a functional training coach. If you want to improve the quality of your life, improve your athletic ability or have a question about the following exercise you can contact me at This is a closed chain muscular action, it increases the heart rate and warms up […]

Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster Workout | Jay Maryniak

What’s up? Performix athlete Jay Maryniak here, and I’m about to take you guys through my Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster. The goal of this workout is we’re going to keep that heart rate up. We’re going to be building strength and burning fat. Alright, so this workout is structured a little bit differently. We’re going to […]

Top 10 Hardest Core Exercises! How Many Could You Do?

hey what’s up muscle and strength coach Myers here and I’m here today to talked about one my favorite subjects and that’s core strength now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys that got that toned six-pack but their abs are weak most guys have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to train […]

Kids workout 1 Beginners

Hi everyone, my name is Maurice. And I like to thank you for making a conscious decision to get in shape. Now this video is for all ages, kids, teens, and adults. Now the exercises we put together will help you to build muscle, tone muscle, build flexibility, and enhance your coordination. Neck exercises from […]

8 Min Full Body Beginner Workout