Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster Workout | Jay Maryniak

What’s up? Performix athlete Jay Maryniak here, and I’m about to take you guys through my Dumbbell Bodyweight Blaster. The goal of this workout is we’re going to keep that heart rate up. We’re going to be building strength and burning fat. Alright, so this workout is structured a little bit differently. We’re going to […]

dum Dum’s Guide To Exercise

Exercise. We all need it. But i will be the first to tell you; my idea of exercise includes how many bags of Cheetos I can carry to the couch. Yeah, my record’s 47. And I know there are many sizes, okay? But with all of those extra bags, that’s more work. *Grunting* And here’s […]

Kids workout 1 Beginners

Hi everyone, my name is Maurice. And I like to thank you for making a conscious decision to get in shape. Now this video is for all ages, kids, teens, and adults. Now the exercises we put together will help you to build muscle, tone muscle, build flexibility, and enhance your coordination. Neck exercises from […]

Poo Jogging: The untold story

There’s nothing like that feeling out on the road. I feel free. I feel weightless. I feel like I need to take a dump. Ever since I could walk I’ve been poo jogging. I’m just so excited it’s finally getting the attention the sport deserves. I know now is the right time to be launching […]

Crossfit Workout! Ab & Full Body Weight Training + Warm Up Routine at the GYM

Welcome to Stay Fit and Travel with Emi! Today, I’m going to show you a bit of what I do at the gym with weights and different equipment what I train for abs, some upper body and also legs I’ll also show you my warm-up routine So if I only post my 10 minute workout […]

FEARS – Motivational Workout Video HD

Success guys, is a very, very lonely road man Along that road, you’re not going to see too many friends You’re going to see your shadow most often See the thing is, for many people They have tried the same path you’re on and they failed. You don’t burn out mentally Because you always burn […]

Best Gym Music 2017 Playlist for Your Workout – 💪 – Training edm Fitness hits

Best Gym Music 2017 Playlist for Your Workout – 💪 – Training edm Fitness hits

5 Pro Tips To Run Faster With Emma Pallant

– We’ve come down to the coast on the edge of Sant Jordi Mallorca to catch up with ex-international runner, turned pro triathlete, Emma Pallant. Thanks for joining you today Emma. – No way, it’s thanks for having me. – Well we are gonna be picking Emma’s brains on basically how to run fast. And […]

Best Gym Music – New Workout Music 2016/2017

Best Gym Music – New Workout Music 2016/2017

8 Alternative Cycling Training Methods That We Don’t Recommend You Try At Home

– Over the years cyclists have come up with all sorts of crazy ideas in the pursuit of performance enhancement and variety of training and some of those ideas were a bit crazier than others. – Yeah coming up, our all time favorites no matter how considered the process were together. Before we get into […]