One Man’s Journey to a Healthier Life

Three years ago our first guest weighed over 600 pounds. He began his weight-loss journey by walking to Walmart every day and since then he’s lost over half his body weight. From Avondale, Arizona please welcome Pat Brocco. So it’s hard to believe, I mean you look amazing. You’re a big guy anyway, how tall […]

New Weight Loss Pill for Obesity?

Dangerous New Viral ‘Princess Diet’

from the diamond tiara to the tiny cinched waist everyone is familiar with the image of a fairytale princess well there’s now a dangerous new viral trend that has many asking how far would you be willing to go to look like one diets come and go often making it difficult to separate fact from […]


VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

We’ve all experienced it. We invite a friend to dinner, only to learn that she is the dreaded V-word. We have a vague sense of what it means, but we’re left with so many questions? Is it healthier? Will you sit on my leather couch? Can we still go to Taco Bell? In a world […]

Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 ♥ Wengie ♥ Diet Plan ♥ Lose Weight ♥ Diet Tips and Nutrition

Hi everyone this Wengie here, Welcome to third part of my diet tip series, this week I’m gonna be going through something that I find really really interesting and that is the Diets Secrets of Asia, Japanese women in particular are very well know for their diets to keep them slim, I think there was […]

Scientific Weight Loss Tips

We all want to lose fat and stay healthy. But with all these diet pills and plans, what does science have to say about weight loss tips? Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. -Exercise- Not only does the physical active exercise burn calories immediately scientist recently found that it continues to burn […]

30 Nutritional Tips to Burn Fat ٣٠ خطوة غذائية لخسارة الوزن

Welcome at this new Video In this Video, I will give you 30 Nutrional tips to enhance our diet. In this video, I will give you 30 steps that you can apply to your diet. There is too many steps that might be hard to apply. However, like any other thing ins life, gradual step […]

Men Work Out And Diet Based On Their DNA

– Today we’re getting DNA tested with Fitness Genes. – We’re gonna send it to a lab and then get a diet plan and a workout plan based on our genetics. This is my boyfriend Juan, I’m Asian, he’s Latino. We’re curious how that might affect how our bodies react to our food. Something that […]

Cruise Control Fasting Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting, According To Celebrity Trainer Jorge Cruise