Epic Climbing Workout: 40 Minute Tempo Cycling Training On The Passo Falzarego & Passo Valparola

– Hello and welcome along to GCN’s latest tempo workout session. Today we are going to be joining Simon Richardson on a couple of beautiful climbs in the outer region of the Dolomite. First up, it’s the Passo Falzarego and we’re straight on to the Passo Valparola. First of all though, you want a good […]

Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

what’s up guys welcome to today’s hiit cardio and ab workouts this one is gonna be crazy guys we have four different circuits this is how it’s going to be broken down we have circuit number one we’re gonna be doing a cardio burst circuit number two we’re going to target those ABS. Circuit number […]

Best Full Body Workout to Lose Fat 💪🏽20 mins | 28 Day Challenge

It’s 2020 and it’s time to work on those New Year resolutions with this 28 days Flat tummy challenge. This is episode 1 a full-body intense workout that’s gonna get you sweating but don’t worry if you’re new to working out because I’ve got no jumping versions included As always you’ve got a full daily […]

NO REPEAT WORKOUT // Full body HIIT Workout with Weights

what’s up guys welcome to today’s 30-minute hiit workout with no repeats this is a great hiit workout for people who get bored easily we’re doing 30 different moves in 30 minutes so you only have to do each exercise one time you’re gonna perform that exercise for 40 seconds then I’ll give you 20 […]

Speed Jump Rope – Shed Unwanted Pounds In Only 15 Minutes A Day With The Speed Cable Jump Rope

BetaCore™ Your Health and Fitness Partner www.BetaCoreHealth.com BetaCore™ Health now offers a simple and easy solution to get into top shape. The Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is a professionally designed jump rope that can help you burn extra calories and shed unwanted fat in only 15 minutes a day. Boxers, UFC Fighters, Martial Artists, […]

Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan Explain’s His Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

(dramatic trap music) (Dramatic trap music) – Hey, what’s going on everybody this is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and we’re hanging out in New York at the Dogpound gym which I like to call my home. It’s the place where I come to get in shape. Many of my roles; I have to get in shape […]

8 Alternative Cycling Training Methods That We Don’t Recommend You Try At Home

– Over the years cyclists have come up with all sorts of crazy ideas in the pursuit of performance enhancement and variety of training and some of those ideas were a bit crazier than others. – Yeah coming up, our all time favorites no matter how considered the process were together. Before we get into […]

HIIT Jump Rope WORKOUT/Cvičení se švihadlem

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel… today I have for you only a short version of a jump rope workout So what you need is a jump rope and your interval timer you have to set your interval timer on 18 rounds with 10 seconds and 50 seconds intervals I have for you six different […]

HIIT Workout – High Intensity Race Day Effort – GCN 25 Minute Bike Session

– Today’s session is a high intensity race day effort. This is a great session to help prepare your body to work hard for a sustained amount of time. Follow the effort levels as a guide and work within your capabilities. The effort levels are measured on a rate of perceived exertion scale, level one […]

The Under 20 Minute Workout System – Burn Fat Fast

Let’s go. Pump it. Jack it up. ‘X’ it out. Jack it down. Hurt your back. What? I’m kidding. That’s not what the Under 20 Workout is all about. I’m Justin O’Connor, creator of the Under 20 Workout. I’ve been training my whole life. I played for the Detroit Junior Red Wings, also played 2 […]