Deep Tissue Massage & Weight Loss | Deep Massage

Occasionally, I get questions about how deep tissue massage, affects weight loss. Deep tissue massage is not directly related to weight loss, but it is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you’ve found yourself in a new exercise program and you have those aches and pains that come along with that, giving yourself […]

Best Exercises to Lose Weight | Obesity

If you’re trying to lose weight, exercise is very important. First, before you start any exercise regimen, speak with your doctor and make sure that you’re healthy enough to go ahead and exercise. The next thing though is choose exercises that you enjoy, because if you consider it torture, you’re obviously not going to continue […]

Top 10 Foods to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

When we talk about the top five or ten most important foods for building muscle, I think the first and foremost most important thing we need to do is to realize that eating food, and whole foods, is very important. Especially if you’re a novice or you’re a new body builder or someone just starting […]

How to Use Protein Powder to Gain Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

You know, we live in a day and age when everybody talks about there not being enough hours in a day. There’s not enough time for me to work out. There’s not enough time for me to eat right. There’s not enough hours in a day for me to get all of my meals prepared. […]

What’s the best weight loss exercise for obese or overweight? “Vangel’s Super Squat”

Hello it Vangel weight loss expert Founder of substitute health Just for obese and over weight. Ah, Vangel’s super squat, Burn level 10 Weight loss exercise. This is the exercise that beats Them all, hands down. Nothing In the world is better. The best Of the best. I could go on. And on Lets […]