Basketball Conditioning Drills : Basketball Conditioning: Jumping Rope Side to Side

This next variation of jump roping and Pro conditioning drill is called side to side. Once again, it gives you a great rhythm, hand eye feet coordination, and it strengthens your calf muscles and ankle joints. It’s very conducive for a Pro athlete to utilize the jump rope. Both regular and heavy jump rope. Excellent, […]

Jump Rope Side Swing Technique

The side swing is by far the most important trick you need to learn. And this is why. What’s up guys Leon here today helping you achieve your fitness goals fast with simply a jump rope. Here we do a lot of “how to jump rope” types of tutorials as well as jump rope tricks […]

How to Make A Doll Jump Rope (American Girl Doll or 18″ doll)

Hello, today I’d like to show you how to make a jumping rope for your American Girl doll. Okay what you will need to do it is a spool knitter. You’ll need some glue, some yarn and I used these for the handle but you could also use some sort of bead. What we’re going […]

10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

How To Jump Rope – Jump Ropes For Beginners

like=====subscribe Guys what is it looking back here with our own Hooters boy? It’s a pleasure to talk to the guys. We’re back with and other video guys so pretty much today I just want to show you guys an experience so pretty much just a few weeks ago was my really first time Skipping […]

How to Fix Jump Rope Double Unders Lower Body Mistakes

Hi this is Tim and Shana from Punk Rope. We want to show you how to correct the most common lower-body mistakes when doing a double under and there are three of them. So the most common is probably a donkey kick or the butt kick where the heel goes back towards the butt. The […]

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