Can I be overweight and healthy? | Dr. Bizzy Examines

the idea that someone could be both overweight and healthy has been around for some time a simple look into workout culture would show an innate fascination for becoming bigger stronger and fitter but does packing on the extra weight actually cause more harm than good latest science is quite clear and detailed the negative […]

Undernourished and Overweight

How is it that we have a society of such undernourished yet overweight people? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation raises 100 million dollars each year to fight childhood obesity. The food industry spends that by January 4. Dr. Hans Diehl says that McDonald’s spends 600 million dollars more than the dairy industry does each year. […]

Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

– She’s healthier than me. (rock music) – Ever since I can remember, I have made a conscious effort in my life to have a incredibly clean and healthy diet. I am vegan and I tend not to eat too much gluten. – Eating food is equal to happiness, so I really need to focus […]