Kids workout 1 Beginners

Hi everyone, my name is Maurice. And I like to thank you for making a conscious decision to get in shape. Now this video is for all ages, kids, teens, and adults. Now the exercises we put together will help you to build muscle, tone muscle, build flexibility, and enhance your coordination. Neck exercises from […]

8 Min Full Body Beginner Workout


One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

Back and Bicep Workout with Alex Oda

What’s going on guys? We are at Ironclad Fitness Studio in Roselle and today we’re hitting back and biceps. So we are hitting five serious exercises with four that focus on back, one on biceps, and just like chest day, we’re focusing first on building with strength, so lower rep ranges longer, rest times, and […]

Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscle?

We’ve all heard of the amazing benefits jump rope has from enhanced spatial awareness, increased agility. The amazing weight loss benefits it has to it but does it really help build calf muscle? We’re going to be finding out in this video. Hey what’s up guys, Leon here. Helping you achieve your fitness goals faster […]

5 Awesome Exercises For The Six Pack Abs

– Hey, what’s up? Here today I wanted to show you five exercises that trains the entire abdominal, including the obliques and the Adonis belt. Right, so five exercises, we’ll be starting from the easy to the hardest. Now Exercise Number One, one of my favorite exercises to get started, trains overall abs, especially if […]

SARMs | Steroid-Like Gains Without The Side Effects of Steroids?

In a world that is evidently becoming less natty by the minute it has come to my attention that people are constantly looking for new shortcuts for gains and SARMs are starting to be the next big thing. In fact word on the street Is that SARMs are safe have virtually no side effects and […]