Carbs vs Fat in the Diet – Kevin Hall, NIH

>>I’m Dr. Kevin Hall. I’m at the National Institute of Diabetes Digestive and Kidney Disease, here in the National Institutes of Health. And my research is primarily regarding how does the body adapt to different diets, and in particular the macronutrients of the diet; that is the carbohydrate, the fat and the protein. What happens […]

A teenager’s journey through weight loss surgery

April 19th, 2017 will always be a big date in my mind. I get very sentimental with things like that. And I’m like this was the day it all started. This is the beginning of a whole new journey, it really is. This is the beginning of a whole new life I feel like. Ok. […]

Fat loss diet, training VLOG in Hindi (Eng subs)

Good morning The hardest thing to do is to get up First task of the day is done as we are up This is my supplement cabinet And if you go two steps up This is another benefit of working out on a diet You start drinking less and can build up a stock Nope […]

I SWAPPED DIETS with Blair Walnuts for 24 Hours! *not what I expected*

It’s really loud in here, chaos and soon we get in this trailer, oh like we’re very professional to the side We should do that. One, two three. Hello Oh One two three. Hello Another collab video With the walnut. Yes. I’m actually releasing the one with Safiya tonight and today I’m filming one with […]

Why is Protein Important for the Human Body?

The importance of protein in human nutrition has been known for a very long time. Protein comprises about 12-15% of our body’s mass. Protein molecules make up much of the fabric in our bodies, including bone, muscle, cartilage, ligaments, skin and blood. They are present in every living cell, and required for almost every cellular […]

The Truth Behind Keeping MORE Muscle While Cutting NATURALLY | EASY & PRACTICAL TIPS FOR ANYONE!

Hey, what’s going Nation? I hope you guys had a great weekend for those of you Who probably did my upper body workout that I released on Sunday you had a great weekend Up until you tried that workout because you probably sore as hell right now But aside from that I thought it’d be […]

My High Performance Fat Loss Program

– Morning Trainiacs, how nice this out here? Just about to go and do a… Why are you so dark? Why are you so… About to go and do a little half hour easy, open water swim. I try to do a weekly, wet-suit swim, just so I keep that feel of sighting. And now […]

Weight Measures: BMI and Waist Circumference

[MUSIC] How can you tell if your weight could increase your chances of developing health problems? Knowing two numbers may help you understand your risk. Hi, I’m Dr. Griffin Rodgers, one of the directors at the NIH. The first number is your body mass index, or BMI. BMI estimates body fat based on height and […]

Why Am I Bloated? + Best and Worst Foods to Beat the Bloat

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, along with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Hey, on this video, we’re going to be talking about how to overcome the bloat. If you’re a person struggling with bloating, gas, digestive distress of any kind, we’ll be going through the top herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, […]

The Best Coaching Cues

I was walking over last Saturday I went to the Irish powerlifting Championships I think he was called IPL and they hosted it here in Galway so when I’m in Galway I go to rugby games, GAA, that’s the Irish sports of hurling and football and handball and weightlifting. I go to any event I […]