What is obesity? – Mia Nacamulli

The most basic function of bodily fat is self-storage of food reserves. In prehistoric times, natural selection favored genotypes that could endure harsh conditions by stocking the most fat. With chronic malnutrition being the norm for most of human history, genetics evolved to favor fat storage. So when did body fat become problematic? The negative […]

Can I be overweight and healthy? | Dr. Bizzy Examines

the idea that someone could be both overweight and healthy has been around for some time a simple look into workout culture would show an innate fascination for becoming bigger stronger and fitter but does packing on the extra weight actually cause more harm than good latest science is quite clear and detailed the negative […]

America’s Fat Man Problem In Creepy 3D Underwear Models

pittsburgh-based are artist %uh nikolai lamb wanted to show how and average American males body differs from male bodies in Japan the Netherlands and France so he created a personal he created this image with an average American males body looks like something quick look at that and you up information from the CDC %uh […]

Overweight and Obesity | Interesting Obesity Facts and Stats you Need to Know

Hello Viewers welcome to our Channel today dr. Dilip Gouda is with us consultant physician at varying Hospital Banjara Hills Hyderabad hello Doctor hello doctor can you please explain what is what basically obesity is nothing but you know there is excess of fat and I know this particular person is beyond recommended and no […]