25 HOURS of UberEats NON-STOP – on Halloween! 👻

Guys, what am I doing right now? Getting ready for another 24 hour UberEats shift. It might not be 24 hours because apparently London is now only 7am to 4am. 6:58am. We’ve got 2 minutes to go. We’re gonna accept every delivery. Well, not pizzas. Maybe pizzas Maybe we’ll cancel them. We’re gonna see where […]

Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins | WWYD

Private ladies room you asked for the women’s bathroom aren’t you a man? It’s disgusting I’m transgender myself. You guys restored my faith in humanity as Jennings. You know, what will you do ripped from the headlines Friday on ABC? One two Three oh You know sir, we don’t have all day hold your horses […]