3 Core Stability Ball Exercises

Todd Galati: Hi. I’m Todd Galati from the American Council on Exercise. This is Julia, and today we’re going to teach you three great exercises that you can do using a stability ball that are good for everyone from the beginner through to the athlete. Before you use a stability ball for exercise, the first […]

The Best Coaching Cues

I was walking over last Saturday I went to the Irish powerlifting Championships I think he was called IPL and they hosted it here in Galway so when I’m in Galway I go to rugby games, GAA, that’s the Irish sports of hurling and football and handball and weightlifting. I go to any event I […]

The Paleo Diet FACT or FICTION | Caveman Diet | Paleo Food List | Paleo Diet Weight Loss | Stone Age

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SC Vital Fitness – Strength and Fat loss programme (2018)

(upbeat techno music) – [Sam] You can’t out-train a bad diet. That’s why our strength and fat loss programme is all about educating our members on sustainable nutrition, and we’ll constantly track and monitor your progression. If you wanna reduce injuries and improve your quality of life, everybody needs to be strong, which is essential […]

How many sets and reps to build muscle | for size, mass, strength

How many reps to build muscle gonna go over how many reps it takes to build lean muscle building lean muscle is not easy especially for many guys all guys it’s fast metabolisms kind of a really hard time putting on muscle so when these guys or girls had a pro How many sets and […]

Would You Hire an Overweight Trainer? A Doctor Who Smokes?

Do you really want the advice of an overweight or out-of-shape trainer? Here come the insults … Sure they may know training but what do they know about sitting behind a desk for 10 or 12 or 20 hours a day? I don’t know about you but I tire of trainers just telling you to, […]

The Value of the Big 21 Program

We use The Big 21 Program especially for throwers. So that would be your discus, shot, javelin, hammer, but your highland guys and girls. And what we use this program for is especially in areas like Utah, the Rockies, the Midwest, any place that’s going to have some issues right around spring with weather. What […]

How to Bulk Up | Bulking Diet Plan | Bulking Meal Plan | How to build muscle fast

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Faster Fat Loss with Shorter Workouts

Hey it’s Joe from StayFitAnywhere and today I’m gonna talk to you about effective, efficient, exercise for a busy dad. For me I’m a busy father of one soon-to-be two and in the back of my mind you know as much as I love having a new baby you know it still… I’m thinking about […]

Bus Bench Program Substitutions

You know I get this same question a lot about a program I have called, Mass Made Simple. Mass Made Simple is a bus bench program. You do what I tell you to do. You do it for six weeks. Six weeks in one day you evaluate how it went and then you can give […]