Why You Should STOP Drinking Diet Soda Right Now!

According to World Atlas, people from the United States are surprisingly not the world’s biggest soda drinkers, folks down in Argentina are. Those statistics tell us Americans consume on average an incredible 155 liters of these drinks per year. In Argentina it was 156 liters on average. In third was Chile (141 liters), Mexico (137 […]

Kygo & Ellie Goulding – First Time

We were lovers for the first time Running all the red lights The middle finger was our peace sign, yeah We were sipping on emotions Smoking and inhaling every moment It was reckless and we owned it, yeah, We were high and we were sober We were on and we were over We were young […]

Marshmello ft. Bastille – Happier (Official Lyric Video)

Song By: Marmello Song: Happier ♫ Lately, I’ve Been, I’ve Been Thinking♫ ♫ I Want You To Be Happier. I Want You To Be Happier ♫ ♫ When The Morning Comes, ♫ ♫ When We See What We’ve Become ♫ ♫ In The Cold Light of Day♫ ♫ We’re A Flame In The Wind Not […]