Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing : Crossing Hands in Front when Jumping Rope

Ok the next move we’re going to cover in jump roping is we’re going to do the crossing the hands in front of us as we’re jump roping, Shane is going to help us with that in just a moment because I certainly can’t do that. As we’re jumping, jumping rope in the gym, I […]

Durable Segmented Jump Rope Perfect for Beginners

Never worry about replacing your segmented jump ropes, thanks to the unique design of Gopher’s NeverWear™ Segmented Ropes! A durable, flexible PVC section replaces plastic segments in the middle of the rope to better absorb floor impact and adds superior longevity. Non-marring, PVC section has a tough coating that is still smooth and glides across […]

Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing : Jumping Rope to Loosen Up for Boxing

In our next clip we’re going to be talking briefly about the actual act of jump roping and how it is one of the best loosening up exercises there is. A lot of times I’ll have the people come into the gym and the first thing we’re going to do is our stretches. Stretches are […]