Running Music 2018

Running Music 2018

FEARS – Motivational Workout Video HD

Success guys, is a very, very lonely road man Along that road, you’re not going to see too many friends You’re going to see your shadow most often See the thing is, for many people They have tried the same path you’re on and they failed. You don’t burn out mentally Because you always burn […]

Ultramarathon TRANSVULCANIA 2016 – Oxsitis-Odlo Running Team

The Transvulcania is a round of world Skyrunning Cup which takes place in early May on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. I have already been involved in the Transvulcania in 2014 and it was amazing! It was truly a legendary race with an atmosphere that does not exist elsewhere. I finished 5th, […]

Your Mix for Your Running Session – running music

Your Mix for Your Running Session – running music

Running Shaadi | Official Trailer | Taapsee Pannu | Amit Sadh | Releasing 17th Feb 2017

That’s never going to happen. Your friend is a big sissy. Ran away? How did she run away? Find her! How dare you elope with the girl? What’s the problem? I’m being forced into getting married. Her family arrange her marriage with a NRI person from Canada. We can’t live without each other. But our […]

5 Pro Tips To Run Faster With Emma Pallant

– We’ve come down to the coast on the edge of Sant Jordi Mallorca to catch up with ex-international runner, turned pro triathlete, Emma Pallant. Thanks for joining you today Emma. – No way, it’s thanks for having me. – Well we are gonna be picking Emma’s brains on basically how to run fast. And […]

How To Train For Running Using Hills | Uphill Run Training Explained

(upbeat music) – Hills love them or hate them, they can be a great training tool. And if they’re in a race, well, you’ve got no of avoiding them. So today, we’re going to be covering how best to get up hills of varying gradients, and how to incorporate them in your training to overall […]

5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

Running is one of those exercises that simultaneously sounds ridiculously easy, and challenging all at the same time, especially when you’re first starting out. I’ve been running off and on for a couple years now and only in the past couple months have I felt like I’ve finally unlocked the key to a successful run. […]

Best Running Music Motivation 2017

Best Running Music Motivation 2017

How To Run A Sub 4 Hour Marathon Race! | Running Training & Tips

– Athletes in any sport have barriers that they want to break or times they want to beat. In running, a common one is getting that sub four hour marathon. Running a marathon is a challenge enough. But having the target time is a great way to stay focused and keep you motivated through the […]