Learn The Jump Rope Can Can

We’re here with Shana Brady, director of training for Punk Rope, in Brighton Beach a few days away from Bastille Day. Shana is going to show you the can can jump and we’re going to begin with the basic bounce. Elbows into the ribs, very small jumps, light on your feet. And then we take […]

Durable Segmented Jump Rope Perfect for Beginners

Never worry about replacing your segmented jump ropes, thanks to the unique design of Gopher’s NeverWear™ Segmented Ropes! A durable, flexible PVC section replaces plastic segments in the middle of the rope to better absorb floor impact and adds superior longevity. Non-marring, PVC section has a tough coating that is still smooth and glides across […]

Learn the Jump Rope Crossover Swing

Hi this is Tim Haft with Shana Brady from Punk Rope and today we’re going to show you the crossover swing—the one-armed version—which is essentially a figure eight. It’s a great resting move and also improves dexterity of the wrist. There is some elbow and shoulder motion but even so quite a bit of wrist […]

Is Jump Rope Low Impact?

So is jumping rope a low impact exercise? We’re going to be finding out in this video. The short answer to this question, yes, with a proper form, jumping rope is a low impact exercise. And that is because when you jump rope the impact between the floor and your feet is gently absorbed when […]

Learn The Jump Rope Boxer and Jog Steps

Hi everybody! We’re with Shana Brady, Punk Rope’s director of training. She’s going to demonstrate to you the boxer, jog, and sprint steps. So starting with the basic bounce as always just to get everything flowing. Now with the boxer step you want to imagine you’ve got the gloves on. You’re in the ring. You’ve […]

Learn the Jump Rope Back to Front Cross

This is Shana Brady, the director of training for Punk rope. She’s going to show a side swing. Notice the hands are moving in a figure eight like fashion. She’s going to bring a hand behind the back and trap the rope under her feet. That’s a back to front cross…with a jump…and a catch. […]

Learn the Jump Rope Twister (2019)

The jump rope twister is one of our favorite two-footed moves that involves a lot of hip flexibility. It’s great for coordination and if you do it long enough it’s good for endurance. Challenge your hips! That’s the focus of this video. This is Tim Haft and Shana Brady from Punk Rope and we’re going […]

How To Jump Rope For Beginners

10-Minute Jump Rope Workout