A teenager’s journey through weight loss surgery

April 19th, 2017 will always be a big date in my mind. I get very sentimental with things like that. And I’m like this was the day it all started. This is the beginning of a whole new journey, it really is. This is the beginning of a whole new life I feel like. Ok. […]

I Lost 140lbs And Finally Had My Extreme Excess Skin Removed | BRAND NEW ME

Steph: Oh, I was running outof room in size 24 trousers, until it clicked one day. I was worried I was going to die early. I used to be 21 stone and now I’m simply 10 stone. So I’ve over lost half my body weight. But when I lost the weight and skin started to […]

Plant-Based Diets For Breast Pain

Can I Get Lipo If I Am Overweight? Henderson, NV Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro

Hello, I’m Dr. Art Cambeiro. Patients frequently wonder if they are a candidate for liposuction if they are overweight. The answer to that is yes. If you’re in the weight-loss process and have developed a plateau in your weight-loss, you can be a candidate for liposuction. You can also be a candidate for liposuction if […]

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

(heavy breathing) (crying) – My name’s Kelsey and most of you know me as the loud mouth, no filtered, boss ass bitch producer from Buzzfeed, which I am, but something that very few people know about me is that I suffer from a neuropathic, chronic pain condition know as Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN. The Trigeminal […]

Roux en-Y Gastric Bypass, with Introduction on Body Mass Index, Animation.

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, refers to a variety of surgical procedures for treatment of morbid obesity. Obesity is determined by Body Mass Index or BMI, which is calculated as the ratio of body weight over square of body height. The higher the BMI the higher the extent of obesity. A normal BMI is […]

What Are Your Thoughts On Gastric Surgery?

It’s Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. The question has been asked, what are my thoughts on gastric surgery? It’s pretty drastic to get gastric, isn’t it? I mean when you’ve got to resort to the point where you need surgery to stop you from putting on weight, it’s pretty bad. I’ve been working with […]

What Does A Liposuction Look Like?

(machine sucking) – Liposuction surgery is a procedure to target disproportionate areas of fat. With regard to liposuction surgery there’s a number of different ways of approaching it. I prefer basically a conscious patient under local anesthesia that’s awake, which is a little bit of an unusual concept, but it really is better for patient […]