Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing : Crossing Hands in Front when Jumping Rope

Ok the next move we’re going to cover in jump roping is we’re going to do the crossing the hands in front of us as we’re jump roping, Shane is going to help us with that in just a moment because I certainly can’t do that. As we’re jumping, jumping rope in the gym, I […]

Best Gym Music 2017 Playlist for Your Workout – 💪 – Training edm Fitness hits

Best Gym Music 2017 Playlist for Your Workout – 💪 – Training edm Fitness hits

5 Pro Tips To Run Faster With Emma Pallant

– We’ve come down to the coast on the edge of Sant Jordi Mallorca to catch up with ex-international runner, turned pro triathlete, Emma Pallant. Thanks for joining you today Emma. – No way, it’s thanks for having me. – Well we are gonna be picking Emma’s brains on basically how to run fast. And […]

How To Train For Running Using Hills | Uphill Run Training Explained

(upbeat music) – Hills love them or hate them, they can be a great training tool. And if they’re in a race, well, you’ve got no of avoiding them. So today, we’re going to be covering how best to get up hills of varying gradients, and how to incorporate them in your training to overall […]

Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing : Jumping Rope to Loosen Up for Boxing

In our next clip we’re going to be talking briefly about the actual act of jump roping and how it is one of the best loosening up exercises there is. A lot of times I’ll have the people come into the gym and the first thing we’re going to do is our stretches. Stretches are […]

Taekwondo Star Challenges YouTubers to a Workout Challenge | Hitting the Wall

So, Kelsey Lee, let me ask you a little question. When was the last time you were in a flight? – Don’t want to talk about it. – Wow, that bad? But we are meeting Lutalo today. We are. He’s a taekwondo Olympian. Yes, he is. I’m really looking forward to it. I think I’m […]

Back and Bicep Workout with Alex Oda

What’s going on guys? We are at Ironclad Fitness Studio in Roselle and today we’re hitting back and biceps. So we are hitting five serious exercises with four that focus on back, one on biceps, and just like chest day, we’re focusing first on building with strength, so lower rep ranges longer, rest times, and […]

ZIVA Weighted Skipping Rope – Running with High Knees

This is an intense exercise using the ZIVA Skipping Rope. It is a high knee skip, it is alternating feet, with your foot traveling up towards your knees as you are skipping. You can use this as intervals or as one long repitition. This is a high knee skip using the ZIVA Weighted Skipping Rope.

Best Gym Music – New Workout Music 2016/2017

Best Gym Music – New Workout Music 2016/2017

Ice Hockey Champion vs Fitness YouTuber – Buff Dude Tries an Olympian’s Workout | Hitting the Wall

I don’t know about this. Got to learn the brakes. (HITTING THE WALL) Hey, my name’s Brandon White. I just came into Calgary, and as you can tell, a nice warm welcome. I’m here to meet Rebecca Johnston, Olympic gold medallist hockey player, which is kind of intimidating, really. Gold medallist, hockey player, she’s probably […]