The Best Calisthenics Exercises For Each Muscle | 2018

(rhythmic music) – What’s up? THENX athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video. Of official THENX. Today I’m gonna show you guys the best calisthenics exercises for each muscle group. Now I’ve narrowed down these exercises from my usual experience into what I believe is the most efficient calisthenics exercise for that specific muscle […]

Push workout for mass | Chest shoulder and tricep workout | Muscle building workout series – Day 4

What’s up guys Sanskar Kashyap here back with another video. So links to the previous videos of this series are in the description box do check them out. This is day 4 push workout 2 of this series. As i have alread explained in my previous videos, the chest portion of this push workout is […]

Shawn Ray – MASS WITH CLASS – Bodybuilding Motivation

I’m like a warrior, I like to do it alone. And I really like that because I put the pressure on myself.. To suddenly take my physique from GROUND ZERO to what I felt I had to improve on and become PERFECT. I don’t know if my physique is perfect but it’s the best I […]

If You Can Only Do ONE Exercise To Burn Fat

– If there’s only one exercise you can do to maximize fat burning, it will be this. Burpees. So burpees can be a nightmare to many people, but what if I tell you that you can do this version, less painful yet it burns a lot of calorie. Right, so burpees, in order to execute […]