HIIT Workout – High Intensity Race Day Effort – GCN 25 Minute Bike Session

– Today’s session is a high intensity race day effort. This is a great session to help prepare your body to work hard for a sustained amount of time. Follow the effort levels as a guide and work within your capabilities. The effort levels are measured on a rate of perceived exertion scale, level one […]

Indoor Cycling Training – 25 Minute HIIT Blast

– We’re off for a quick 25 minute interval blast. Let’s work together on this ride and help take our training to the next level. Follow the effort levels as a guide and work within your own capabilities. The effort levels are measured on a rate of perceived exertion scale. Level one representing very light […]

이래도 안빠지면 나 포기할거에요 (이벤트 진행중)

The sky is high And the dogs are fat [flabby] IN. FALL. That’s it! Let’s be on a diet and workout! ‘Be on a, what?’ Let’s start national gymnastics, first One, two, three, four Five, six, seven, eight For leg exercises Let’s ride a bicycle! These are SongYi’s legs ‘One two, one two!’ Next exercises!! […]

Fast Fitness Workout – Get Fit With GCN’s 30 Minute High Cadence Bike Workout

Hey I’m Paul, and welcome to a 30-minute spinning session with the GCN team. Let’s go through who’s here today. At the front row we’ve got Jessie, Matt, Lucy. Bringing up the rear in the back is Dan, Emily, and Simon. This thirty-minute journey is going to test us all, all our fitness, our strength. […]

10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist | TiffanyRotheWorkouts

Ok we’re gonna start off today working on our core. What is the core? Your abdominals, your waist your lower back. Stephenie, And here we have Astonia, Maliana and Keera. So we’re gonna start working our core. Moving side to side. It’s the whole chunk. So we have to really incorporate the hips. And we’re […]

45 Minute Cycle Training Workout – Sprint Training

Hi, and welcome to my 45-minute challenging journey. This indoor cycling route will improve your cardiovascular fitness and keep you motivated on those cold winter days. This is a tough mix of seated and standing positions which is complimented with fast efforts all the way through. Variety is key to keeping your training fun. Enjoy […]

HIIT – 35 Minute Cycle Training Workout – Hill Training

Hi, I’m Paul, and welcome to my GCN indoor cycling session. I will take you on a 35-minute cycling journey, a variety of intervals along the way. We’ll track our progression with a graph along the bottom of the screen. Throughout our session together, we’ll be riding in and out of the saddle, and changing […]

Should Overweight People Have to Buy 2 Plane Tickets? David Next to Passenger of Size

welcome back to be a good benicia back on the date back and show a couple of new members to the david packard show that wants to hang onto steve’s stryker and thomas caning renew members of the week welcome and of course you can sign up for the day the packing for membership program […]

The 5 minute workout to get rid of man boobs naturally

– Hello, my friend. Do you have man boobs? I know it’s not ideal, but you are not alone. There are those in the comments (graphics popping) who have requested a solution for this. It can be caused by being overweight, or an estrogen imbalance. Using The Natural Method, I’m gonna show you how to […]


Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today we’re doing my gym routine to get that cardio. So let’s do it! So I’ve got my toys here setup, I’ve got my timer, I’ve got a big ball for my plyometrics, a kettle ball, a jump rope, and a mat. So we’re […]