Cher Divulges Her Butt Exercises

Cher, everybody, Cher! Cher, can I tell people how old you are? Yeah. Can you– she’s 72 years old! Do you work out a lot? Yeah. You do? Yeah. Every day? Not every day. But a lot of times. OK, I need to ask, because we were talking about it– Did you see me doing […]


30 Day – 500 Reps A Day Challenge! | BUILD UNBELIEVABLE MUSCLE & STRENGTH!

Hey, what’s going on Nation? welcome to my [30-day] 500 reps a day challenge now with the holiday season coming I know you a lot of you guys your schedules going to be getting super crazy [I] know mine [is] getting super crazy and so if you do this workout every single morning from now […]

Being the Fat Girl at the Gym

Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT !) | + INTENSE week with the kid (VLOG)

Hi Alexandre ! How are you? Are going alone? Okay bye bye Alexandre look at our mum lol there’s a paparazzi hey ! that’s it ! How was your travel? LIke this ! Here it is ! Let’s go ! Hi Clem ! Hey ! What flavor are you choosing Alexandre? marshmallow and cotton candy […]

5-Minute Workout That Replaces High-Intensity Cardio

A 5 Minute Workout That Replaces High Intensity Cardio Is it you who always dreamt about the Fit Body, but didn’t know how to start or Is it you who always thought that squats and crunches are just too much for you We found a solution for you. No matter whether you’re a beginner or […]

How To Add 1″ To Your Arms in 10 Minutes (BEST MASS ARM WORKOUT)

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of We’re here at Torque Barbell here. A lot of clanging and banging going on so I’m going to speak loudly here and I’m going to share with you a simple workout that you can add into your current training program right now to add an inch […]

How To Slim Calves & Thighs – DO’s & DON’Ts for Lean Legs!!

Hi guys. My name is Emi and welcome back to StayFitAndTravel Today we’re going to talk about how to slim down your calves and your legs with out getting bulky muscles. And if your workouts and your diet right now are actually doing the opposite and making them bigger. This is one of the most […]