10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs in 10 Minutes a Day

Is it a myth that to get slim and shaped thighs, you need to spend hours in the gym? What if I told you that you can get the same results by doing a set of exercises that takes just 10 minutes a day? If recently you’ve been thinking about nothing else but a lovely […]

5 Exercises To Fix Hunchback Posture

>>MARK: Hi, I’m Mark Perry, the creator of BuiltLean and one of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to improve posture. And so while posture is a very big topic, I’m hoping to touch upon how to improve rounded soulders or hunchback posture. Which a lot of working professionals get from sitting […]

Text Neck Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Alright Molly, ready, let’s take a selfie. Your Grammy will love that one, let’s send it to her. Ohhh, my neck, it kind of hurts. Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for text neck. This is the new fad, everybody’s doing it. Looking at their phones, trying […]

Stretches for pelvic floor relaxation | Pelvic Floor Exercise Techniques | Kegel8

So remember if you’re somebody who’s worried that maybe over time your pelvic floor has got a little bit tight or your kind of day means that your sitting a lot, you carry a lot of tension maybe in your pelvis, It’s really important to include proper relaxation and stretches in to your exercises as […]

Jump Rope for Heart Outreach │Skipping Skills 1 │Criss Cross

[Music]>>GIRL’S VOICE-OVER: Keep your arms low at your hips. Crossing over your body your elbows should meet in the middle as you cross the rope.

Workout to the Letter Sounds | Version 2 | Letter Sounds Song | Phonics for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Hi, I’m Jack Hartmann Your exercise instructor Girls and boys get ready to sing and move about We can learn the letters sounds as we all workout Stretch up high to the sky Workout Workout Tap your knees to the beat Workout Workout Twist your hips, just like this Workout Workout Everybody workout to the […]

10 Best Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches (Basic) – Ask Doctor Jo

oh good. hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and my unicorn Kali. and today I’m gonna show you my top ten back exercises and stretches. so let’s get started. so the first exercise is just going to be a supine pelvic tilt. so with the pelvic tilt, you usually want to hold it for about 3 […]

Is Jump Rope Low Impact?

So is jumping rope a low impact exercise? We’re going to be finding out in this video. The short answer to this question, yes, with a proper form, jumping rope is a low impact exercise. And that is because when you jump rope the impact between the floor and your feet is gently absorbed when […]

It’s Your Choice: Floor or Bed Exercises

welcome to the section of the video where you can do your exercises on your bed or on your floor in your living room in this section you can work on stretching and strengthening some major muscle groups of your torso and legs while in a secure horizontal position here are some guidelines about using […]

How to do a Standing Bird Dog (Alternate Exercise): Health e-University

Standing bird dog. We will be using a wall for this exercise. Stand facing a wall. Place your hands on the wall to help keep your balance. Draw your belly button in toward your spine. Slowly lift your right leg behind you. Extend from the hip, keeping your right leg straight. Slowly return to the […]