How to Manage Stress? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: The first time I came to United States, wherever I went, I heard this term “stress management”. I could not understand, because (Laughs) in my understanding, we manage things which are precious to us. Our families, our businesses, our money, our property, whatever is precious to us, we will manage that. Why would somebody […]

Zac Efron’s Baywatch Workout Explained by his Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Patrick Murphy, and I was hired to train Zac Efron for the movie Baywatch. I had to get him in the best shape of his life, and this program is one of the most dynamic programs I’ve put together in the last 25 years I’ve been training. When I had […]

Tension Headache Relief with Simple Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Oh man, I’ve got a headache, and it feels this big! Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I am going to show you some simple exercises and stretches if you have a tension headache. Let’s get started. To start off, you want to just loosen up those neck muscles. You can do some active range […]

Top 10 Hardest Core Exercises! How Many Could You Do?

hey what’s up muscle and strength coach Myers here and I’m here today to talked about one my favorite subjects and that’s core strength now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys that got that toned six-pack but their abs are weak most guys have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to train […]

9 beginner mistakes and how to avoid them | Cycling Weekly

Whether you are cycling newbie or seasoned pro we all make mistakes and while we learn best from the errors we make, at the time it never quite feels like that So to save you the time, hassle and embarrassment of making silly cycling mistakes we’ve gone to the effort of making them for you […]

Breathing Exercises for Relaxation or COPD – Ask Doctor Jo

(Holding breath). Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo! Today I’m going to show you some pulmonary breathing exercises for things such as COPD or just to increase your lung capacity if your a swimmer or if your a surfer, if you want to be able to hold your breath for longer. So let’s get started. So […]

10 min Abs Workout for a Flat Stomach | Get ABS this 2020

It’s 2020 and it’s time to work on those New Year’s resolutions with this 28 days flat tummy challenge This is an intense ab workout and to get the best results do follow the daily schedule and joining the rest of the community who’s sharing the amazing progress. And remember guys, you’re not alone in […]

5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout 💪

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel So today’s video is a highly requested video is a five minutes warm-up routine You can add this edits out of any of your workouts Before we jump into it smash that like button and subscribe And let’s do this. So we’ve got 12 exercises for our warm […]

Stress Ease | Herbal Supplements for Stress Relief

Stress Ease helps your body cope with the effects of stress. This blend of Ayurvedic herbs support the resiliency and tone of the neuromuscular system so that you can handle physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Stress enters life in every way imaginable, so how you take Stress Ease depends on which aspect of your life […]

Behind-the-Scenes of Nia Dennis’s Viral Routine

– Nia, how are you going to celebrate your birthday? – I’m going to have a party in Pauley Pavilion with all my bestest sisters. Full of love, I’m so happy! Oh my gosh, I’m so grateful, so thankful, so happy. My heart is so full. Today I got to be with all my sisters. […]