The Best Vegetables For Fat Loss (5 Best Vegetables Rarely Talked About)

The Best Vegetables For Fat Loss (5 Best Vegetables Rarely Talked About)

>>Shaun: Hey everybody. What’s up? Shaun
Hadsall; Get Lean in 12, coming at you with another short Fat Loss video. Today’s video
is The Best Fat Loss Vegetables. So I have a list of six of them over here and I want
to uncover the power that using these vegetables can have on targeting lower belly fat. Now
I always get these questions about vegetables like, “Do I need to avoid peas, corn and carrots?”
And the truth of the matter is, depending on what you eat them with and when you eat
them, no, you don’t have to avoid them. They’re not horrible vegetables for you and they’re
definitely not going to make you store more fat. But if you use them the wrong way, or
combine them with the wrong foods, or eat them by themselves at the wrong times, it
definitely can put your body out of a fat burning environment. But the green vegetable I’m going to talk
about in this video, or the cruciferous vegetables I’m going to talk about in this video, will
have a profound impact on your health and your fat loss. A ton of benefits I’ve listed
up here. Then, at the end of this video, I’m going to reveal how you can get your hands
on an article where you can actually use a couple of these vegetables, of your choice,
to actually double or even triple fat loss after a weekend food bender or after a weekend
food binge where maybe you’ve went period where you ate unhealthy or you went on vacation.
You can use this carb depleting strategy with these green vegetables to literally double
or triple fat loss for three or four days in a row after you’ve fallen off track. So
I’ll tell you how to get your hands on that, for free, at the end of this video. First, let’s talk about the power of green
cruciferous vegetables or just cruciferous vegetables. Now the most common ones are broccoli,
cauliflower, and cabbage. And I recommend that you consume all these as much as possible.
I actually eat all these and we usually go in kicks. So, the ones that are really unknown
fat burning greens are kale, bok choy, Swiss chard, arugula, and collard greens. Now these particular greens have several different
benefits that I want to talk about but the most potent ingredient that you need to understand,
that’s inside these greens, is something called DIM and it’s derived inside these vegetables
because they contain something called IC3. Now what this DIM does is it acts like an
anti-estrogen. Now, whether you’re a man or a woman, this is huge because we are constantly
exposed, in today’s day and age, to these xenoestrogens or these obesogens in the environment,
just from the food that we eat and the toxicity levels in our food, from just the agriculture.
And, over the years, what ends up happening is we get bad estrogen, whether a guy or a
girl, bad estrogen levels are blocking a lot of people’s fat loss. So this will actually
act as an anti-estrogen and, indirectly, it will stimulate your immune system and if you
look it up on Wikipedia, if you just type in DIM, you’ll be amazed it even touts it
as a cancer fighter. Now any time that you consume any of these
types of vegetables you’re also going to get several other benefits. So, first of all is
fiber and this is huge. You need to be getting at least twenty-five to thirty-five grams
of fiber a day and you need to be getting the majority of them from your green veges
because, number one, it’s going to help you stabilize and keep blood sugar stable. And
when blood sugar is stable we keep our body in a fat burning environment. Most people
live with chronically high insulin levels and this keeps their body in a fat storing
environment and, over time, this is what causes insulin resistance and it’s what’s leading
to the type 2 diabetes epidemic. So, if you want to prevent that stuff, consuming a lot
of these green vegetables is really, really going to help you. Now the other thing that this will really
help with is blood flow. Now blood flow is critical to a couple things. Number one, health,
our heart, thing about it, our brain, it needs blood flow. Number two, if you’re having a
hard time getting rid of belly fat or stubborn pockets of cellulite, these green vegetables
can actually increase the blood flow to those areas. And science shows that getting blood
flow to stubborn pockets of fat is critical to burning it off and getting rid of it and
these green vegetables are going to help you do that. Now that last thing that these green veggies
do, and this is the most amazing research, and its newer research that I’ve been reading
a lot about, is the vegetables like this, if we consume them regularly, like five or
six days of the week, we make an effort to get a lot of these, you’re still allowed to
eat some cheat food once or twice a week but try to get these because they actually can
turn off, or express, bad genes and turn on, or express, good genes. So we can never change
our genetics. Genetically we’re made up the way God made us. However, we can turn off,
or express, or turn on, or express, certain genes that may prevent cancer or certain genes
that may cause cancer. Certain genes that may help fat loss of certain genes that may
make you store more fat. So by consuming more of these green vegetables, you actually can
turn on good genes and stack the deck in your favor when it comes to your health and your
fat loss. Now when you combine these green vegetables
with a certain macro nutrient, the right way, you actually increase the absorption of these
vegetables greatly. You also increase their effectiveness. And I teach you how to do this
through a strategy called carb depleting and I teach you a three or four day trick that
you can use, after a weekend food bender or after a period of time where you’ve fallen
off track or maybe came back from a vacation, you can really double or triple your fat loss
and make belly fat your go-to energy source aggressively, for three or four days in a
row by combining these greens with another certain macro nutrient. And what I did is,
on a separate page off YouTube, I posted an article, for free, that you can read through,
and I give you four strategies that you can actually use to apply this to make belly fat
your go-to energy source or what I call carb depleting. And I also give you a chance to
get my free report. So just click the link below this video, head on over to that page,
enjoy the free goodies and we’ll see you guys on the next video.

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  1. Well….there's a LOT of debate on that one. You have your raw food crowd and your cooked food crowd. We generally eat our green veggies cooked and we also supplement with a quality greens supplement when necessary. Honestly, we really aren't experts with raw food. I recommend you do a quick Google search for our good friend, Yuri Elkaim. He know his stuff!

  2. Sure. Spinach is another great choice. If you can get it, I would recommend finding the organic kind. Stay away from GMO (genetically modified) whenever possible.

  3. Find local grocers, farms, etc. selling veggies that aren't GMO. As with anything, you'll have to trust someone that they are being honest about it.

  4. everyone thinks they know what they are talking about in fitness and nutrition world , iv heard it all . BUT i believe you 🙂 i just watched a shit ton of your videos and im going to watch some more ! thank you for sharing this information

  5. vegetables for fat loss? what about meats? what meat do u recommend for fat loss? i need to lose weight but i can't stop eating meat. i am 200 pounds overweight. asian people walk up to me and say "u a fat americwan hahaha". i cry myself to sleep at night

  6. if they're not labeled u go to the manufacturer and ask questions. if they don't answer u kill them. but it's important to make sure to also ask them if they have kids or not. if they do u have to make certain to kill them as well. after that u hold your gun up to ur face and shoot urself for being suicidal. suicide is for losers. only lame people kill themselves. im not lame. that's why im alive. im so awesome. wait… no i just had a suicidal thought i think im gonna kill myself. yippy

  7. I am sorry you get teased about your weight. In order for you to get on the fat loss bandwagon – You have to get your nutrition in check and get some activity. Find a diet plan that you can stick to.You gotta try and not give up. All proteins should be lean chicken or fish and take it easy on red meat. Incorporate as many veggies into your meals and keep the fats to healthy ones and make your portions smaller. Its a starting point. Check our blog for more tips. gl12fitness. com

  8. Hello getleanin12

    Can I ask a favor?I really enjoyed your video The Best Vegetables For Fat Loss………………

    It was really informative. I wanted to find out if it was okay to repost
    your videos to my channel? All credit for the videos will still remain
    yours, and i will not edit the original video, unless you give me
    permission to do so. I can even keep the links in the video, as this
    will give you additional exposure. If this is acceptable to you, please
    let me know.


  9. Does it matter if your broccoli or kale is raw or cooked?

    How much of each should you eat to maximize their benefit per week?

  10. raw is best, but thats not always reasonable. Steaming is the next best option. That way it wont lose all the vitamins and minerals inside.

  11. Those above brocolli , cauliflower , cabbage, etc wouldnt you juice these and add a lemon for taste?

    i juice lettuce, spinach , apple coriander, carrot, iceberg lettuce, cucumber… isnt this as good as yours – and wont it help my belly fat? tks

  12. Not quite as good.(no offense) Lettuce but especially Iceberg lettuce is mostly water…same with cucumber. Yours sounds more for detox rather than fat loss. There are lots of veggies out there for juicing. Spinach (yes!), Cauliflower, Broccoli (green or purple), Brussels sprouts, Kale (green or purple) Bok choy (chinese cabbage) Cabbage (green, red or purple) Collard greens Watercress, Radish, Broccoli sprouts, Arugula, Mustard greens ,turnips

  13. I have found myself reaching for things like Ezekiel breads that have sprouted grains is a much healthier choice. But many times these breads still contain 20 to 30 grams of carbs per slice. So you have to be careful if you’re counting carbs.

  14. just another shyster trying to make a buck too bad…… I don't mind if someone's trying to make a living but at least be honest upfront

  15. Apparently you do mind if someone is trying to make a living. Your username indicates that you probably don't like a lot of things. Shaun is credible enough without the need to justify our product or selling anything to you.

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  18. Thanks for the free info…I'll be watching from now on. What is your opinion on meal replacement shakes? I am speaking of the quality kind, not the stuff in the stores with sugars, preservatives and the like. If not, what about juicing? Point me to any videos that you've already done. Bless you. 

  19. You can get rid of 10 pounds in 1 month, and prevent rebound weight gain by adopt a healthy living.

  20. Carb depletion for belly fat loss??? "almost all conventional “diet” plans that claim to accomplish this goal use foods that “turn off” our fat-burning genes, which forces your body to burn sugars and carbs, INSTEAD of fat.So if you just cut carbs, the scale might trick you into thinking that you’re losing a bunch of weight — and you are. BUT – it’s water weight, NOT fat. Sorry. You’re just dropping a bunch of water.

    Now you can see how and why almost every person who tries to deplete carbs ends up 
    messing up their metabolism and forcing rebound weight gain."

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