The Dead Unknown Part 2 The Exhumation

The Dead Unknown Part 2 The Exhumation

The coroner can order a body exhumed if
he has reason to believe the death was a result of the poison or a violent act or
something of that nature. There has been one one individual that has contacted us. This could be a relative. This person has submitted DNA for comparison purposes sothat’s really the stimulus to get this done. This is so exciting,
that they’re finally going to exhume the body but at the same time I’m so nervous because I’m so afraid that there’s gonna be nothing there. The graves have been decorated by
unknown people for many years. All that decoration will be taken in as evidence, hopefully to be given over to a family. The body is a daughter of somebody if
the parents are still alive. It could be a mother or could be a sister and if
there’s a killer still out there we’ll do everything we can to bring them to
justice and I think we’re closer now, you know,
with the exhumation to getting to there You can’t have a suspect until we figure
out who the victim is. As soon as we know who she was, then we can figure out where she’s from, people that she was associated with, and hopefully find a motive pretty quick. There’s just not a lot to work with
in this case. Somebody’s getting away with it. Until we can identify these bodies there’s the criminal aspect of it is somebody’s getting away with murder. We got a look at this from the national level. This is all of our problem. It’s not Harlan County’s problem, this is all of our problem. Sooner or later, we have to address this
problem. All over the United States, there are individuals who have died, sometimes as a result of natural causes, sometimes at the hands of others,
sometimes at their own hand, that have no identification. So no one knows who they are. And the question comes, where are they missing from, where are their families and what should be done about it? They’re in offices all over the United
States. Some of them have been given final disposition by burial or cremation, and some of them are still waiting in those refrigeration units as they find
time to deal with that problem or they just store them. That’s a true problem. When you deal with the number of cases that we do, there’s a lot of cases that stay with you every case stays with you in some form or fashion. But when we’re
talking about missing an unidentified persons Jane Arroyo Grande Doe is the
one that started the program that we have here now. She was a case with a young lady that was left in the Arroyo Grande wash in Henderson, Nevada. She was a homicide. Someone’s missing their little
girl. We came up with the idea of putting dead
people’s pictures on the Internet Everybody looks at things that are
related to Las Vegas, oftentimes people visit here or they’re transient in nature so we needed to get that word out nationally or internationally. We put all
types of warnings so that you couldn’t get right to it I think we had like four or five layers of warnings. [music] The push back that
we got from people in my own business was that it was inappropriate that it
was sacrilegious that we shouldn’t do it. All the things you can imagine that you
could think of on a negative side and then within 24 hours we got our first
hit and then 48 hours we got another hit and then 72 hours after that we got
another hit and I won’t tell you that those hits came back quickly all the time but those first two or three were big for us and there was a thought that
what if we could do this on a national level. Ultimately, what came out of all
those conversations was the NamUs project. NamUs is the National Missing
and unidentified person system. NamUs is the first national online repository for missing persons records and unidentified decedent cases. The first nationwide
system accessible through the internet by the general public to match cases of
missing people with records from the nation’s coroner and medical examiner
offices to help solve these heartbreaking cases. NamUs first went
online in 2007 with unidentified human remains since then we’ve been credited to
have solved 472 cases or at least we helped. We’ve never solved Jane Arroyo Grande Doe’s case. We still not identified her
yet. But we’ve identified a lot of others She serves a greater purpose for us and
she serves a greater purpose to all of those people that are missing. And so, we’ll we’ll wait. We’ll wait. [music] I certainly would like to see the
Mountain Jane Doe case resolved for the purpose of closure for obviously a
family and in this case a community. As humans, it’s important for us to to know the fate of our loved ones. Ah ha. The bones, most of them, are intact. I
don’t expect the ribs to be. and they’ve collapsed and hopefully a
good leg bone that’s what I need a good long bone And that’s what they’re going
for right now. So I think we’re getting close. [camera shutters] So we’ll clean that up and get it
sent out. I think we got the head right here. He’s got the skull. You could be fairly well intact. Don’t force it out. We need to get in behind it just a little bit and loosen that up, I think. I feel very good because these look as good as bones that I’ve seen submitted. The reason we’re not seeing a casket today is because the casket lid was very thin metal and it has completely rusted out It’s just vanished. Water never
settled here but it ran across so it’s easy to thank the mud could have just
used in around the skeleton and then just encased it which actually apparently protected it. You never know what you’re gonna get when you dig a grave, remember
that. You never know what you’re going to get. The remains go directly back to
University of North Texas DNA lab. The DNA material will be extracted from the
marrow of the bone and it can be entered into the FBI’s DNA database [music]

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  1. I see they're digging up bones right out of the dirt. Don't the unknown qualify for a pine box even?! Just toss them in th ground, cover em up and be done with it??!

  2. If these people don't believe in this then they don't have to look at it but you're trying to do justice find out who these people are and where they belong

  3. I'm retired. I would love to help in any way. I can't believe this is actually happening. Please let me know if they have a unit. I worked for a local police dept. In records. These people need to have voices for them. Where that guys gloves the first guy damn.

  4. You really should not be awakening some things from sleeping. They are better left alone in the earth surrounded by the roots that bind them securely, but it’s too late now. Those bonds and others are broken now and they have been freed.

  5. So sad that that they have to do this when u die with no family I wonder if u come back sometimes as a very angry ghost in many different cultures

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