The Doctors Health Intervention for Honey Boo Boo

The Doctors Health Intervention for Honey Boo Boo

Reality stars dominate the television landscape. And for the last ten years, many of those stars have come to The Doctors to share their personal stories of triumph, or to seek advice on a variety of health concerns. What we found with many of these reality stars, is that their backstories might be too real for reality TV. The Doctors worked closely with reality matriarch Mama June to stage a life-changing health intervention on her daughter, Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo. At that time, the 9-year old had a body mass index of 30, putting her in the obese range and at risk for future health problems. This is a flashback to their story. People think she’s overweight because she eats all the time, and that’s not the case. I like a lot of stuff deep-fried. She has respiratory issues. Corn dogs. She’s on a lot of steroids every day. Deep-fried turkey. She’s on a lot of breathing inhalers. I like some fries, maybe. And that’s what keeps Alana thick. I like chicken nuggets. I like to dip it in, normally, honey mustard. Some mayonnaise. Ketchup, maybe. Barbecue sauce. My pediatrician seems not too concerned because he knows why. I like to get chocolate donuts and put them in my milk. That’s really good. He thinks it’s more steroids. Salads, actually, we don’t eat that much. She’ll eat salads at school, but I don’t too much eat salads. I love Oreos to death. Deep-fried Oreos. (hip-hop beat) Are you worried about her? Are you worried about her health? I do worry about her health. She has a weak immune system because she has issues as an asthmatic child, she has respiratory issues. She’s on a lot of breathing inhalers, she’s on a breathing machine. She’s on steroids quite a bit because she keeps the croup and stuff like that. We go to the doctor quite a bit. There’s no question that we’ve got to address Alana’s asthma. Asthma is inflammation of the airways. Yes. What’s ironic, is we’re learning more and more about how the foods we eat, the life we live, how it all can increase inflammation in our bodies. Part of her treatment is going to be trying to minimize these steroids. Yes. But what’s ironic, and something that I’ve learned in the emergency department, is the common culprit in a lot of these things, believe it or not, is what you’re eating. You need to take some responsibility here, you really do. I’ll take as much time as it requires until you say okay, well maybe– Yeah. Maybe I could do better. Yeah, I mean, every parent can do better, I’m not sayin’– Maybe I can do a heck of a lot better. I know I’m not the perfect parent. Let’s pull up the picture of your average breakfast bowl. This has almost 1,000 milligrams of sodium, over half the daily recommended allowance. These fruity yogurts have as much sugar, sometimes, as a candy bar. You’ve got this beautiful 9-year old daughter dealing with severe medical problems which are based on this whole idea of inflammation. A 9-year old is not gonna be doin’ the shoppin’, a 9-year old is not gonna be cookin’ the meals, and a 9-year old’s not gonna be makin’ the decisions, that’s on you. It’s time for a health intervention. Please welcome Miss Alana to our show. (music and applause) So, you like chicken. Yeah, I like nuggets. You like nuggets. (audience laughing) Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken nuggets. Alright, so you like chicken nuggets, what other foods do you like? I like corn dogs. Corn dogs, do you like pizza? Yeah. Do you like dessert? Yeah. Will you do a fun little taste test with me? I guess. Alright, grab that pizza, give it a whirl. Mama June, you, too. Do I have to do this? This is really good. You like fried chicken, right? Yeah, I guess. What do you think? (audience laughing) It’s time for dessert. (Alana laughing) Tastes like dark chocolate. It’s pretty good. So I have a little secret. All of these foods are good for you. How is fried chicken good for you? You know what? That’s actually baked chicken with whole wheat flour and rolled oats. Okay, I would never have ever knew that. You know that pizza? That’s made with cauliflower crust. This, dark chocolate and avocados. Would you eat all these foods if your mom helped make those? Yeah. This is where I go back to you. Would you be willing to make these kinds of foods for your family? Yeah, like I said, I’ll do anything to support– We don’t have the recipe, though. You know what? You, actually, are gonna get all these recipes. We’re also gonna hire a personal chef. And they’re gonna teach you– (applause and awe) How to cook, what I call, of course I call ’em doctors’ diet-type foods. Healthy foods that are nutritious, high in protein, lower in sugar–

100 thoughts on “The Doctors Health Intervention for Honey Boo Boo

  1. Can't believe I'm just seeing this 😭 he was awesome letting her know that it's not ok to feed her the way she did

  2. I used to be that big, when I look at past photos I can't help but start laughing because I look look a whale.

  3. You guys in the comments you need to see honey boo boo in her older age just search mama June from not to hot then you will see honey boo boo in her older age

  4. This is genius! This proves that healthy foods are not always disgusting as most people think. You just need to be clever with cooking.

  5. I was on steroids before. It made me jump from 55kgs to 78kgs. It wasnt easy getting back to my old weight i had to wean off steroids, exercise and cut down on my eating habits.

  6. I just wanna say I have severe breathing problems and I'm asthmatic and on lots of breathing steroids.
    I'm a frickin stick but not in an unhealthy way

  7. I am 11 and I am not allowed to eat donuts an stuff like that 😩😭but my mom just says thank me later idk why but yea 😂🤣

  8. This video is making me feel so bad am gluten free lactose intolerant,sugar free this is not important but I have Assam

  9. I just had my cheat meal but I only ate a airhead bites and 4 buffalo wings throughout the day. No soda. No deserts. Water with every meal. I could never do this after losing 13 pounds.

  10. Some parents should be arrested for hurting their children. Her mother has spoilt her health, maybe forever and maybe she has even shortened her life by clogging her veins and arteries with cholesterol and fat. Crazy. Giving a small child this huge amount of food? Unthinkable. All the crap, full of fat, sugar, sodium, and additives. No vegetables, but loads of fried foods. I have two young children myself. My son is 9 and my daughter is 6. And we live in Europe. They have been in fast food restaurants only maybe 4 or 5 times in their lives. And we eat fried food only about once in two months. But Americans are used to eating out. In Europe, we do it only occasionally. They are used to having take-out meals. We eat them only occasionally, like once or twice a year. And we try to eat in a much more healthier way. And I am not speaking only about my family. I am speaking in general. Portions in Europe are about 1/3 smaller than in the U.S. So is the amount of sodium and as for the amount of added sugar, it is about by 1/2 lower than in the States. We do not add sugar to everything. Why would we? It ruins one's health and creates a strong addiction. Not good for you. And now I am watching this crazy fat lady and her fat daughter eating crazy, crazy stuff.

  11. I don't understand why parents allow they children to become this unhealthy. The medication she is on is just going to cause more underlying issues later on in life, if she makes it till then. Very sad to see this. Some parents need educating and it's not to put them down but we need to get back to basics. Exercise, water and diet.

  12. She caused the problem in her daughter. Alana did not go to the grocery store acclimating herself to high calorie foods. We all saw it coming.

  13. I Had asthma my whole life, it doesn’t cause kids to be obese. I ate healthy and exercised everyday. It’s totally on her mother for feeding her that way. Alana is beautiful! She needs to do something for her health. She’s huge and will be bigger than her mom some day if she doesn’t make a change. She could become immobile or die from being obese.

  14. It's not the little girls fault it's that beast mom of hers for rearing a child to a mirror image of yourself. Disgraceful.

  15. This girl should be the new lady liberty, a typical face of america.
    A fat child with full face of makeup and nails done

  16. The doctor was kinda mean in the beginning but I understand why he was cause the mom needed to help her change but towards the end he got really nice

  17. if she has a lot of health problems the why is June feeding her junk foods? And restless issues can be solved by putting her in sport teams.

  18. What she said in the beginning was different from what she said later on. Saying it was all health problems while her daughter was listing all the junk food she eats. Then on the show she's like yeah I could do better. First step is stop being in denial.

  19. Lot of times when mama june was listening to the doctor blaming her she looked mad and i thought she was gonna get sassy but she was just being normal lol

  20. Mom:it’s not the food she eats
    Child:I love Oreos to death
    Mom:she’s on a lot of steroids
    Child: chocolate donuts
    Mom:she has breathing problems
    Child:mmm chicken nuggets
    gEt uR fAcTs rIgHt

  21. Are you actually fucking kidding me maybe she keeps getting bigger and bigger because that fat whore keeps eating so much maybe if you feed her real food she won’t look just like you in 20 years

  22. Bro deep fried Oreos I can hardly eat Oreos plain an I’m 12 years older than her. Like dude ur joking. You must be play’en me.

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