The Under 20 Minute Workout System – Burn Fat Fast

The Under 20 Minute Workout System – Burn Fat Fast

Let’s go. Pump it. Jack it up. ‘X’ it out.
Jack it down. Hurt your back. What? I’m kidding. That’s not what the Under 20 Workout is all
about. I’m Justin O’Connor, creator of the Under
20 Workout. I’ve been training my whole life. I played for the Detroit Junior Red Wings,
also played 2 divisions, 1 college sports. Born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Lot of people is asking what the work out looks like? Can I do it? There’s a fear that
they can’t do it, 99% of you can. We’re going to show you few exercises turn this video
here, so you can get feel for exactly what we’re doing. I’m going to talk to you a little
about why I created the Under 20 Workout. So I want to create a workout that anyone
could do. The first thing that I went to is time that’s the biggest restrain the people
have from working out, because they don’t have enough time. This is under 20 minutes,
3 times a week. Put that aside, you just have to trust me that under 20 minutes is enough
to change your body, moms, husbands, 53 year old, overweight people, really fit, young
people doing this, it’s changing everyone. Next, I wanted tackle all results. So I created
this thing called BATS. You’ll hear that a lot, body at top speed, putting your body
at top speed, and at least half of the exercises, creating fast twitch muscles, lean muscles,
burn fat and calories much faster. The results were so great for me, I started teaching a
class here at LA. Results there were amazing, so I started making videos for my friends
at home and family that were in North Carolina, Ohio, Chicago. Those went over so well.
We’ve put together this website to bring it to you, to anywhere in the world, already
have people in Spain doing it, Mexico. I’m really excited to get it, everywhere we can,
to A, kill this obesity epidemic, and to B, make people feel better, feel better about
your life. How many times of you fail in a work out and feel guilty. This one, every
thing’s there, 3-20 minutes workouts a week, not 8 hours a week, like some of the workouts
I’ve done before, they all have 90 day challenges or 60 day challenges. There’s no 60 or 90
day challenge here. What happens is you do those, you burn yourself out like boot camp
and straight out quit. This one, you can do for the rest of your life. Exciting and I
want to bring that to all of you.

10 thoughts on “The Under 20 Minute Workout System – Burn Fat Fast

  1. Disregard the comment I just deleted. This is a fantastic thing you're doing. You're not only making it easier to work out for overweight or unmotivated people. You will also be opening a gate to people to get into bigger fitness programs and even go to gym more often with their newly acquired fitness levels. Hat off to you, sir.

  2. Thank you, Ausfaq. You are absolutely right. We would love for you to try us out sometime. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I know this is like resolution time….but I have been wanting to lose weight but had family visiting for the holidays and they just left so I am READY!!!!
    These look great! Thanks!!

  4. Great Rachel! We have a great deal going on right now. We would love to have you try it. I'll send it to you in a message.

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