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[TL;DR theme plays] (Martina) ayshteruux3 asks: (Simon) ‘Can you do a video on different Korean diet trends and different kinds of diets.’ (Martina) Ooh! Hot topic!
(Simon) Very difficult to discuss. (Martina) Not actually that difficult. Difficult because there is so much to talk about. (Simon)It’s a very sensitive topic, but it’s one that we’re actually quite passionate about. (Martina) Is this sensitive? I just thought there are so many diet trends in Korea, it’d be four hours of us talking.
(Simon) Well I think it’s sensitive because we feel very strongly about how the kpop industry really forces a lot of the female artists who go through very painful and almost abusive diets. (Martina) Yeah, one thing I’ll say before we start talking about this is that no matter where you are in the world, it seems like any industry you’re part of – like if you’re a model or an actor, actress, singer who’s in the spotlight, I feel like they all go through a lot of pressure about how they look, and Korea is no exception to that. So even though people say things like: ‘Oh, people in Korea are so skinny, why do they need to diet?’ Korea has its own version of what they think is beautiful and thin. So from your perspective, you might say they’re already thin, but within the Korean world, they have a different pressure, about what they think is thin.
(Simon) And as a result, some people in the industry, which are trying to lose some more weight, do some really bizarre diets that aren’t necessarily based off of exercise, but more based off of starving themselves. (Martina) It seems like the general gist of most of the diets. (Simon) For example, SHINee had a diet a while ago in which they couldn’t eat after 7 PM, which for me doesn’t make any sense at all.
(Martina) Doesn’t make any sense if you’re also so active. Like, when you’re a Kpop star, it’s not like you’re sitting around playing video games all day, but you’re dancing, you’re burning up a lot of energy, that means that you’re making muscle, that means your body’s exhausted, they’re going from show to show to show. You need energy! I heard the same thing about Girl’s Generation, actually, and I was really upset when this happened because my friend was teaching at a middle school. And she watches videos on the daily lives of Girl’s Generation and it showed, ‘this is how we train, our dance room,’ and like travelling between places, and they said on the video ‘We only eat breakfast and lunch,’ and they said ‘We skip dinner.’ and she was so shocked she’s like ‘I can’t show this to my students!’ Because, like the students are at the school until like, 10 PM, you know, and then they go to like Hogwans until midnight. Imagine telling a student ‘If you want to look like Girl’s Generation, just don’t eat dinner.’
(Simon) It’s a terrible example to set. (Martina)
Anyway, so she totally refused to show this video to her classroom, and I’m really proud of her for doing that. (Simon)
But on the topic of Korean diets, we’re gonna tell you some of the more bizzare and more interesting diet trends that we’ve noticed here in Korea.
(Martina) I know one of the biggest diet trends that occurs in Korea, and this is like, not in my monthly or yearly thing, it’s happened since we’ve been here, is the sweet potato trend. When I was teaching, I remember my co-workers saying ‘I’m going on a diet.’ and they would have the steamed sweet potatoes which they would eat- (Simon) Which are delicious.
(Martina) Super delicious. And Korea does a kick-arse job of making them in like these little tin drums on the street, and they heat them up and it gets all caramelised, and I eat, like, four of them! (Simon) And thus you break the diet!
(Martina) And thus you break the diet! (Simon) I don’t understand why I’m not this thin! [roars] The biggest diet trend in Korea at the moment is the basil seed diet because supposedly a basil seed is very small, when you eat it, it expands to something like thirty times its normal size, and as a result, you feel fuller, so you’re not hungry throughout the rest of the day. (Martina) When I heard this, the first thing I thought of was chia seeds because I actually make chia seed pudding at home. (Simon) We have chia seeds in our powerballs at the coffee shop. (Martina) So when they get wet, or when they get soaked, they get like sticky and gelatinous. So the idea is that people are drinking basil seed tea, where they just add a couple of spoonfuls, mix it with water, and then they drink it so that it expands to make you feel like you’re not hungry. The problem is, not feeling hungry is great and all, but you’re still not getting the nutrition you need for the day. If you eat three cups of basil seed where’s all the rest of your vitamins and minerals coming from? (Simon) The basil seed trend has become so popular, I actually remember seeing the other day a basil seed face cream now.
(Martina) Oh, right! (Simon) Now I know that, yeah it’s a popular diet, why not put that shit on your face as well! WHAT! WHY! (Martina) Another popular one I think is T-ara’s Hyomin did it.
(Simon) For her Nice Body promotions. (Martina) That’s right. She did the lemon detox, which I think was trendy in California as well. Which I’m pretty sure it’s just squeeze of lemon in hot water with like cayenne pepper and some kind of syrup. (Simon) A little bit of syrup.
(Martina) Neon syrup or something. I don’t even know what that is. She drank that and it’s supposed to help you detox and lose weight, but…I don’t know if it’s working…
(Simon) Where’s the food part of your diet?
(Martina) I don’t know. (Simon) Next one on the list is the actually a really terrible diet. It’s a trend that’s happening lately. It’s called the Geborin diet, and Geborin is basically like Tylenol or acetaminophen. And what happens with this diet is that you take 5-8 pills of Tylenol a day and that makes you throw up and shit everything out so then you’re just basically making yourself extremely sick so that you can’t absorb any more nutrients whatsoever. And hence you lose weight. (Martina) Yeah. Now that’s been happening amongst high school students, so supposedly there’s been a lot of reports in the hospitals of people like, being sent to the hospital because of it and it’s really dangerous. I think it’s similar in North America, there was like a laxative trend at one point, but that’s not a good way to lose weight, guys. Just please don’t ever do that, OK? One of the better diet trends which I feel like I can prove more of is the Witches’ Soup. (Simon) The Manyo soupa.
(Martina) This is a soup that was actually originally prescribed for heart patients and other people under surgeon to lose weight rapidly before surgery, and when I saw the ingredients for it, [doorbell sound]
I was like I totally know this because my mom when she went for surgery actually had this soup and I distinctly remember tasting it at home and being like: ‘this tastes very tomato-y.’ (Simon) In fact, I’ll read you the recipe: Celery, onions, bell peppers, cabbage, boiled tomatoes, chicken stock, curry powder, pepper and carrots. (Martina) And the reason it’s called Witches’ soup is because you put it in a huge pot and you just like stir it and you cackle over it like [She cackles; Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor plays] (Simon) Doesn’t taste the same if you don’t make the cackling sounds. (Martina) I’m pretty sure that’s what witches’ sound like, doesn’t it? (Simon) This is the one that I’m actually happiest about even though I like some more diversity in your diet. at least has some nutritional value, while the rest of the diet trends aren’t really nutritionally balanced. (Martina) I would say besides all the trends that we see happening in Korea, there’s also diet waters, and diet teas and like diet sticks.
(Simon) S-Line waters you drink are supposed to give you an S-line, which is just water.
(Martina) It’s just water with like, something in it. (Simon) The idea is that people are still maintaining their crazy, hectic schedules, but they’re just deciding to eat poor as a result in the hopes of losing weight. (Martina) So I don’t really agree on that kind of concept of how to lose weight, I don’t think it’s healthy for you. (Simon) It’s not a lifestyle change, it’s more just like a temporary diet fix. (Martina) Yeah, and the other problem that I think is that when we’ve been behind the scenes for Kpop videos, I’ve never seen a healthy table laid out.
I would expect catering with like, ‘They only eat salad, maybe chicken breast-‘
(Simon) Here’s some boiled chicken breast, here’s some salad, here’s some nuts. And instead there’s like a whole bunch of choco pies and garbage food that you can get from the convenience store.
(Martina) …Ramen. So we really want to see a change in the industry, we really wanna see more of a focus on exercise and healthy food balance rather than just like no exercise and no food and just eat this apple. (Simon) I’d like for the K-pop headlines to be more about the quality of the music that they’re doing rather than the diets and the way they’re bodies have changed. (Martina) I’m pretty sure I read like 15 articles on Sistars’ diet and how much weight they lost.
(Simon) Geez, come on. How about how awesome their song is or how cool their video is, not about how much they’ve lost weight! So we’re going to talk about some more K-pop idols’ diet trends in our blog post, so make sure you click on the link here if you want to read more about it. (Martina) I’m a penguin. this comes up for a reason.
(Simon) Really, we’re not making this up. (Martina) Read the blog post, guys. So we wanna know what kind of crazy diet trends are happening in your country right now, and what do you think about them. Let us know in the comments section below. (Simon) Two weeks ago, I did my TL;DR on my favorite video games of all time, and I feel really bad because I forgot to mention in the video ‘Kingdom Hearts’, which was so important to me. I mentioned the blog post, but the video definitely deserved a shout out for ‘Kingdom Hearts’ because I really grew up with that, it’s really special. Except for ‘Kingdom Hearts 2′. What the hell was that all about? I have no idea. Also I mentioned I’m starting to get into Zelda Windwaker, I finally started playing it, but I think I might have named my character incorrectly, kind of the dialogue is really abusive I find in the Windwaker. I’m not sure… (Martina) Are you going to tell them what you named your character? (Simon) You’ll have to find out in the blog post, ’cause I’ll share some pictures with ya.
(Martina) Oh, boy.

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