Top Beginner Jump Rope Mistakes

Top Beginner Jump Rope Mistakes

100 thoughts on “Top Beginner Jump Rope Mistakes

  1. I love the Crossrope. I was a little concerned about the price point. But so worth the investment and you’ll definitely see the returns.

  2. The way beginners jump is the way I jump and it’s rlly hard for me to jump the way u showed will I not get the same results if I jump the beginner way? I don’t understand why it’s any different

  3. I was about to subscribe….and watched this video thinking these were experts in Fitness methods, which I happen to be for decades teaching all facets of it….and I saw they did not include the most damaging to the body, mistake done by rope jumpers….and that is, jumping on cement. Never jump rope on asphault, cement or concrete. Always jump on a suspended wooden surface that has nothing under it. Balcony, 2nd floor of a house, deck, boardwalk. Or, if none of those are available, get a wooden pallet from the local home depot and throw a big rubber floor mat over it to avoid the rope catching in between the planks of wood. You're welcome guys. Not subscribing.

  4. An older doc who just happen to beat the gym with me to witness my stuggle told me that when you first start leaning dont wear ear phones. It throws off the equilibrium making it easier to trip over the rope. It helped me alot

  5. Didn't know this existed either I just made my first video on jump roping actually and going to make it one of my core workouts to keep me from being bored while residing in Asia. I think I will be watching more videos so I can learn more stuff about jump roping but overall I had most of the technique down I didn't jump super high, decent grip on handles but not sure if my hands were positioned correctly when gripping jump rope and will have to review my elbow placement.

  6. ok i have bought 3 inexpensive ropes. is there a beat up used old jump rope you dont want anymore?? cause i will take it??? i am beginner been jumping for a month now i tried for one min first time made it 12 seconds ( thought i was gonna die ) now up to 4 min and 30 thank you thank you thank you

  7. Hey guys, I’ve been doing the jump rope for a while but I have been doing in the anti clockwise is that alright?

  8. Gentlemen, another good video. I'm fairly new to your channel, and I've got to say, I appreciate your lifestyle and physique. Do you guys also lift?

  9. Been jumping rope for only a week and my body is already experiencing so many changes. I love the look my body has. I don't have a weigh machine and I think it's actually a blessing now that my old one broke and I never got around to buying a new one! Have been experiencing some pains in my chest and legs, though. I realized I was jumping too high so when my feet would hit the ground it would hurt my chest area. I'm wondering if there are any good shock absorbing mats out there? Does anyone recommend any good one? I usually jump on my pavement, but it's too hard. I try jumping sometimes up and down in my wooden floor room. But my home's really old and creaky and I don't want the foundation to mess up. But it's so interesting that jump roping and jumping feels different on top of different platforms. And these tips do save a life. Lol. Jump your rope!

  10. I didn't see a difference in the distance between your wrists, is that only for crossovers or skipping also?

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  13. I appreciate you want to sell jump ropes but your #2 is wrong. You only need to spend a few dollars on a rope, we need to educate people that they don't need to spend a ton of money on a rope to begin with. I won't name them, but there is a dude on YT, his ropes are $12 and when you watch his videos, you can see for yourselves that you don't need a $200 jump rope system.

  14. I jump rope the other way around. .i mean ya jump from back to front but i do from front towards back…
    I am talking about the direction of the rope swing

  15. i jump rope on a matt without shoes on that way when the rope hits my foot it actually hurts and reminds me not to stuff up.

  16. Did my first jump rope workout. 450 cals in 30 mins. I’m 278 lbs. need to lose 80lbs. Went home happy and then sat at desk to work. In lots of pain last ten hours due to planter fasciitis. It triggered a relapse I haven’t had in a while. Can’t even walk on left foot. Does this go away with when you make a stronger foot by jump roping? Or does PF and jump rope not Co-exist? So bummed. I had the best workout today in 5 years. Dear jump rope guys. Do you have a video on this? I’m new to your channel. Couldn’t find one. Tnx.

  17. -Awesome video! I’m sold.
    I want to buy a jump rope but there’s so many selections- help me fill the gap on the following?

    From my view:
    I’m watching this video and I can’t even get to the point of buying a high quality jump rope if I have no idea what’s the right size.


  18. Agreed! Biggest mistakes I see: using a crappy rope, rope is the wrong size for them, and they are not practicing proper form and technique. These will limit your progress tremendously.

  19. Thanks for the great tips. I started jumping about a year ago. Encountered the problem of jumping to high and also tripping on my rope. How to hold the rope never crossed my mind. I'm headed to the gym now to try out some of the tips you suggested.

  20. I bought a $5 dollar rope from my closest sports store and I can do every trick possible with it. If you honestly think a $100 rope is any different yall are on some serious stuff

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