Hey, you guys! I’m Melissa Ioja with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today we are doing a total body slim down. Let’s go! You’re going to need your interval timer. Set it for 21 rounds. 10 seconds of rest, and 50 seconds of work. We are doing seven exercises. So if you’re just starting with me you’re
going to hit start. That firs t10 seconds will be rest. It will buzz, you’re going to do this next
exercise for 50 seconds. I’m going to show you each seven of them and
I will also show you modifications. So for some reason, the exercise is too challenging
your first time around I’m going to show you how to build from there, okay? Exercise number one is going to do a plank
jack with a frog tuck and a pushup. These are fun. So, you want to start with your feet wide. You’re in the plank position, but your feet
are wide. So you’re going to do a plank jack. In, out. Now you’re going to tuck your knees toward
the outside of your elbows and go back. That’s the frog tuck. Then a pushup. So it’s going to look like this. Modification: do the pushup form your knees,
or just take the pushup out. If you can – if you cannot get your feet
here and back, then just jump forward and back. That’s it. Number two: squat and press. I’m using a sand bag. You can use some dumbbells. You can also use kettle bells. Whatever weight that you have. You’re going to start off with a squat. On your way up push through your heels, press
it up over your head. You’ll do this for 50 seconds. Moving on to number three. This one is tough. I will show you a modification, but let me
show you the toughest one first. So, you’re going to jump forward, touch down,
back, touch down, jump tuck, always into a squat. For modification, give me a short hop into
a squat. Don’t touch down, and jump up. Another modification, you can give me two
lunges and a squat. Number four: you’re going to need your sandbag
and you’re going to lay down on the ground. For a beginner, you’re not using any weight
at all. More advanced, grab your sandbag. You’re going to put your feet up, you’re going
to drop your feet – don’t put them to the ground – back up, and then reach as
high as you can. Try to touch your toes. And that it is for those abs. again, modification,
don’t use any weight and I don’t want anybody to ever be discouraged when you start these
workouts because I will always show you from all ends of the spectrum. From beginner, all the way to crazy, and everyone
in between. So, moving on. Up, down, side step. Okay. So, you can start anywhere. You can also add weight if you would like. I’m going to show you this movement without
weight. You’re going to get low, you’re going to get
down, up, and just step to the side. Down, up, other side. Okay? For a beginner – excuse me. Most advanced, grab your weight. Modification is right here. For more of a modification you’re going to
stand up. So you’ll go down, up, and then just like
you’re going under a rope, side step. Okay. That’s number five. Number six: lazy pushups. I call these lazy pushups because we’re laying
down on the ground. Excuse me, sandbag. So, hands underneath your shoulders and you’re
just going to lay down, hips first, and pop up. This is your exercise for the entire 50 seconds. It seems like “Oh, that’s not hard”, but it
is. I call it lazy pushups just because we’re
laying down. It’s a tough exercise. It will actually hit your abs as well as your
shoulders. Then, the last one: folded arm crunches. So, you’re going to get on your bum, your
feet are going to be up, and you’re going to be like a genie. Fold your arms. Then you’re going to lay back, slowly, not
quite all the way down, and then crunch it up getting your hands, wrists, and elbows
up over your knees. Lay back again, and starting to straighten
out, slowly get back up, hand and elbow over your knees. To make this a little easier you can do these
with your feet down and just give me sit-ups. You can lay all the way back down if you’d
like and get up, and do the same thing. That’s it. Those are your seven exercises. Awesome job, you guys. That was only 21 minutes and you hit everything
for that total body slim down. Again, I am Melissa for ATHLEANXX of Women,
and I will see you guys next time. Bye!

14 thoughts on “Total Body Slim Down (HIIT ROUTINE FOR FAT LOSS!)

  1. I love your workouts.
    I usually do my own but always come back cause I know you kick ass lol
    I use some of these with my female clients and they love them. Keep the uploads coming !

  2. torture to have to be sitting down 24/7 D: ): I miss my HIGH INTENSİTY :(( damn you jump rope how can you broke a bone how possibly can this be happen

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