Total Body Yoga – Deep Core – Yoga With Adriene

Total Body Yoga  –  Deep Core  –  Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone.
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I am Adriene, this is Benji, and today we have
Total Body Yoga Deep Core. So hop into something comfy,
and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright, my darling friends, let’s begin today’s practice
lying down on the ground. Ooh, come on down, feel
that support of your yoga mat on your back, you
made an amazing choice. We’re gonna jump right in today. Bend your knees, bring the
soles of the feet to the ground. Bring your hands to your belly, and let’s start to tap
into a nice conscious breath. Just close your eyes,
send some love and respect to your belly,
to the abdominals, to your stomach. We’re gonna jump in with
some floor work today and then we’ll end with a
little flow, a little vinyasa, to help you feel
awesome from head to toe. But let’s take a
second here to close the eyes. Feel the warmth of
your hands on your belly. And again, as you
start to breathe… Deeper, more consciously,
(chuckles) searching for that right word, send some love and respect to where your hands
are placed, to the belly. And that’s gonna be our approach as we build strength
in the abdominal wall in the deeper core muscles. Love and respect, and always,
conscious breath first. Alright, just take
one more cycle of breath here
to drop in, to land. Alright, and then
we’ll slowly open the eyes, bring the hands to the earth, walk your heels up
towards your sits bones, towards your glutes,
and with the hands and feet firmly
planted on the earth, you can take your
gaze up towards the sky and use the sound of
my voice to guide you. We’re gonna press
into your foundation and slowly lift the hip
points up for a baby bridge. Squeeze the glutes, breathe in, and then exhale to lower down. Twice more like that,
shins forward, hip points up to the sky,
lift your chest to your chin, and then your chin all the
way up towards the heavens, squeeze the glutes,
and then slowly release. One more, inhale in,
ground through the feet, lift the hip points up high,
shins forward, breathe in. And then exhale to slowly
lower, breathe out. Awesome. Interlace the fingertips now, bring the hands behind the head. Extend your thumbs to
help cradle your neck here. So it’s difficult ’cause
I’m not in the room with you but we’re gonna work really hard to create extra
awareness in the neck today so you don’t feel
like you have any tension or stress in the
neck for this practice. We’re culturally
accustomed to a crunch, and even when I say
there’s no crunches in the practices that I share, people still respond like, “Oh, my neck really
hurt on the crunches.” So, just wanna share,
reiterate, no crunching. Inhale in, hug the lower ribs in and down so
that your low back becomes flush with the mat, and then again, no crunching. Inhale in again, use your
exhale to reinforce that hugging into the lower
ribs and lift your head and your gaze straight up,
keep the elbows wide. Again, no crunching.
Neck nice and long. Keep breathing here,
if this is enough for you, stay here breathing,
maintaining easing in. For a little more,
we’ll lift the shins so they’re
parallel to the ceiling and if your low
back starts to come up, draw the knees in just a bit. But in time, you wanna work to where the
knees are over the hips. Alright, now we’re
lighting a little fire. You can rotate the ankles
one way, and then the other. Notice as you get tired, you’re gonna wanna
return that to crunch. Mm-mm, keep that long,
beautiful awareness in the neck as you breathe here for three, for two, hug the lower ribs in, and then we’ll release,
feet down on the one. Head down, elbows down. Take one cycle
of breath in here. And out. And breathe in again. And exhale to lift the head,
the neck, the shoulders. No crunching,
neck nice and long. And if you like
lifting the shins knees over the hip points,
low back flush with the mat. Alright, reinforce,
scoop the tailbone up, hug the lower ribs down,
gaze is straight up, and even slightly
back to help nurture that length in the spine.
Nice static hold here. This is our last static hold,
so hang with it. Upper abdominals, and deep
lower belly abdominals drawing in towards the
center of your being. Navel draws down here for three, for two, and one, release everything. Take a deep breath in.
Long breath out. You can windshield
wiper the legs a little back and
forth if you like. Alright, here we go.
Lifting the knees now. Lifting the head, the neck,
the shoulders up. Inhale in, exhale, extend
the right leg all the way out and down as much as you feel
comfortable in the low back. And then right
elbow’s gonna reach towards the front
left corner of your mat. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale to come back to center,
both knees bent, and then we’ll switch,
extend the left leg. Left elbow reaches towards the
front right corner of the mat. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale to come back to center. Beautiful, now back
and forth in your own time, pausing in the middle,
here we go. Inhale in, exhale to twist. Inhale to center,
look up, exhale to twist. Inhale to center,
look up, exhale twist. Inhale center, exhale twist. Inhale center, stick with me,
exhale twist. Inhale center, exhale twist. Energy in the feet,
inhale center, exhale twist, center, exhale twist. Center, exhale twist,
you’re doing great. Center, exhale twist.
One more time on each side. Inhale, exhale twist. Inhale, look up, exhale twist. Beautiful,
bring everything down, hands can come to the belly. Can give your belly a little
massage, love and respect. Beautiful, alright, here we go.
From here we’re gonna send the fingertips
forward and nice and slow, just so we can
reconnect low back to the earth. You’re gonna lift the
knees over the hips again. Alright, when you have it here, we’re gonna inhale in, exhale. Lift the head, the neck,
the shoulders. Try to keep the
neck nice and long. Great, so we lift
head, neck, shoulders. From here, we’re
gonna straighten the legs. Good, then from here, you’re
gonna connect to your core, rock all the way up,
sit up, reach up, and then slow and steady roll
it all the way back down. Back to one, knees
above the hips, here we go. Inhale to lift
the head, the neck, the shoulders, reach forward. Beautiful, exhale
to straighten the legs. Inhale in again.
And here we go, exhale, lift everything up, lift your heart,
reach for the sky. Starting with the tailbone,
massage along the spine, smile, breathe deep,
and reset. Here we go. Here we go, inhale to lift. Exhale, straighten the legs. Inhale in again here then exhale to lift everything
up, reach for the sky, smile, and slowly control your breath
as you roll it back down. Good, inhale to lift. Exhale to straighten the legs. Inhale in here, exhale to lift everything up. Rolling it down nice and slow. Back to one, here we go,
inhale to lift. Exhale to straighten the legs,
big breath here. Exhale all the strength,
reach it up, lift it up. Slow and steady, roll it down. Beautiful, here we go,
inhale, lift it up, neck nice and long,.
Exhale, straighten the legs, maybe a little lower this time. Take a deep breath in here,
you got it. And then exhale,
lift it all the way up. Lift your heart,
lift your heart. Gorgeous, roll it
down nice and slow. We’ve got two more.
We can do it. Here we go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, straighten the legs. Inhale in here. and exhale to lift it all
the way up (loudly whooshes). Gorgeous, we have one more,
slow it down. You’re doing great, here we go,
inhale, lift it up. Exhale, straighten the legs, maybe lower ’em
just a bit this time, last one, inhale in. Exhale everything up,
reach for the sky, and then slowly
lower it down, beautiful. Hug your knees into your chest,
you did great. So awesome, so wonderful. We’re gonna cross the
right ankle over the left. Grab the outer edges of
the feet or your big toes and we’re gonna rock and roll up and down the
length of the spine here. You can rock once or twice, Three times a lady. Old joke, but hey,
let’s bring it back. And then we’re gonna
meet in a Tabletop Position. Alright, let’s get
our flow on, guys. Hopefully, you’re
feeling that gentle, loving, respectful burn in
the abdominal wall. Let’s stretch it out with a
little Cat-Cow, here we go. Inhale, drop the belly. Ooh, yeah, and then exhale,
round through. Inhale, drop the belly. Exhale, round, through, this
should be an amazing practice that you can bookmark to
repeat over and over again. Continuing with your Cat-Cow, and then when you’re ready, curling the toes under
and peeling your tailbone all the way up for
Downward Facing Dog. Take a second to
really pedal it out and find a nice
connection through the hands. Notice how that
awareness of your foundation always translates all the way up throughout the
structure of the whole body. Yeah, then here we go,
bend the knees, both knees, belly comes towards
the tops of the thighs. We inhale then
look forward and exhale, step or hop to the top. Uttanasana, Extended
Standing Forward Fold, let it all hang here,
let any stress or tension you might have come onto the mat with,
choose to let it go here. Maybe giving
yourself an opportunity to roll up to Mountain Pose with a little less weight
on your back, here we go. When you’re ready, tuck the
chin and roll up to stand. And as you rise up into
your beautiful tall Mountain, notice if you’re
clenching or holding anywhere, if you can soften as you
ground through the feet, lift through the heart,
lengthen through the neck, and let’s flow, here we go. With your breath, inhale,
reach for the sky, spread your fingertips. Exhale, Forward Fold
all the way down. On your next inhale,
lengthen the crown of your head forward,
tailbone back, nice, long, beautiful spine
here as you lift up halfway and then exhale
to soften and bow. Bend your knees,
plant your palms, step one foot back then
the other for Plank Pose. Can always lower the
knees here for Half Plank. Then inhale in, look forward. Exhale, bend your elbows, keep them close
into your side body as you come all the
way down to the belly. Inhale for Cobra,
open the chest. And exhale to release,
keep breathing as you press up to
Plank or Half Plank, and then make your way
to Downward Facing Dog. Take a deep
breath in here. Empty it out. Anchor the left heel,
and here we go. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. On your exhale, bring your right
knee in towards your chest, shift forward,
upper body’s in Plank so shoulders over the wrists. Good, inhale,
kick the right leg up, anchor through the left heel. Exhale, contract,
shifting forward, squeezing right knee up and in. One more, inhale, kick it up. Exhale, shift it forward. Pause here, try to
touch your right heel to your right glute,
finding that hollow body. Beautiful, then slowly
step the right foot up. Pivot on the back foot,
and leading with the left fingertips,
we’ll sweep the left hand all the way up and
around for Warrior II, Virabhadrasana II, what’s up? Back toes are turned in. Front knee’s bent. Control your breath. Here we go, inhale,
Reverse Triangle. Straighten the front leg,
reach the right fingertips back. Exhale, Triangle, right
fingertips reach forward first, find length, and then down,
left fingertips to the sky. Breathe in, breathe out, find
that connection to your core as you breathe out and
then you’re gonna reverse it, sending it all the way up
and back, Reverse Triangle. And then Triangle nice and slow. One more time, reverse it. Legs stay strong. And from center,
last one, Triangle. Beautiful, from here,
back to Warrior II, nice work, pull the pinkies back,
create space. Inhale in. Exhale out. Check it out, left fingertips
are gonna go down. We’re gonna
follow this line through, pivot on the back foot,
come into a nice high lunge. Connect to your
core here as you inhale, reach for the sky,
and then exhale, paint it all the
way down nice and slow, back to a nice low lunge,
beautiful. From here,
step the right toes back, belly to Cobra, or
now maybe Chaturanga (chuckling) to
Upward Facing Dog. Moving with your breath. We’ll meet together in Downward
Facing Dog, take your time. Moving with your breath. Alright, back in Downward Dog, we will anchor
through the right heel, and then inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Ready? Here we go.
Exhale, shifting forward, squeezing that left knee in. Anchor through the right heel, inhale, kick the
left leg up high. Two more, here we go, shifting
forward. (loudly whooshes) Inhale, kick it up. Last one with your breath,
on the exhale, remember, navel draws up,
upper body’s in plank. Beautiful, and then
we’ll step it all the way up. Gorgeous, take a breath in. And then here we go,
pivot on the back foot, lead with the right
fingertips forward, up and back, all the way, Warrior II,
what’s up? Back toes are turned in,
front knee is bent, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. So try to stack the spine here, breathing deep,
control your breath. Then from Virabhadrasana II, we’ll straighten that front leg, lead with the left
fingertips forward, up and back, Reverse Triangle. Now low belly and upper
abdominals come together for a feeling of stability here as you take
it into Triangle. Beautiful, same thing
from center, navel draws in. We send it all the way back,
Reverse Triangle. And then ground it
through the feet and legs, we come all the way back through Trikonasana. Great, all the way back.
One more, here we go. Reverse Triangle, take up
space, hug the lower ribs in. And last one, here we go,
all the way down nice and slow from center. Great, then lift it
all the way back up, bend the front knee
back to Warrior II. And then flowing,
following the right fingertips as they come down,
flowing through to high lunge. Pivot on the back foot,
connect here, center your core as you reach for the sky,
maybe look up. And then slow and
steady bring it down. Plant the palms,
step the left toes back, belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Up Dog here as you move with your breath. We’ll meet back in
Downward Facing Dog, last dog, so find your breath. Alright, here we go. From your Downward Facing Dog draw your navel in,
let that be the inspiration to roll back through to a Plank. You’re killin’ it,
you’re doin’ great. From here, you’re
gonna hug the right knee in towards your chest,
then kick it back out. Hug the left knee in,
and kick it back out. Keep your gaze straight down,
neck nice and long. We’re ending this session with
Mindful Mountain Climbers. If this is not
good for your wrist, you can flip onto
the back and repeat the Yogi Bicycles
that we did before. Alright, team, let’s do this, we’re moving with the breath. We’re taking breaks
if we need to. But there is a beautiful,
loving, respectful invitation to meet your edge today,
meet your appropriate edge. If you wanna pick up the pace
for a little extra warmth to get your heart rate up,
go ahead and do it now. We’re breathing.
Building strength mindfully. And you’re here for five,
pick back up if you’ve taken a break, four, ready, let’s finish
altogether, three. Two, and on the one,
gentle belly flop to the earth. (softly sighs) You did it.
Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale, Baby Cobra. And exhale to release, awesome. Press back up to all fours. Go ahead and come
through to a seat. If you need to
take a moment here to rotate the wrists
one way and then the other, go ahead and do it now. And then we’ll
just take a second to bring the hands
together and control the breath. Take a second
also to give thanks for this amazing
time that you’ve taken for yourself, way to show up. As you’re ready, bring
the thumbs to the third eye, we’ll take one
more final breath in and exhale to bow. Namaste. (bright music)

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