Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Right Diet?

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  1. recent reserches says vegetable have feeling as well , they may can't move ,or scream , but they can sense fear ,they have emotions ,so if you take animals and 'human hundred percent equally , and eating them is a sin , i don't think there 's any reason to believe that animals are better than any plants so you can eat vegetables.

  2. The meat eater in the red shirt is talking so awkward. It’s his choice and what he decides to eat shouldn’t make him feel that way this acc pisses me off sm

  3. is this what vegans are? these people are all insane. dude really said he values a fish life over a humans life. and that chick was just annoying as hell

  4. a lady tried stabbing and killing her pet chimp becasue it was ripping and eating her face off unless youre in the situation stfu lmao

  5. The least rational vegans I've ever seen. Veganism is not hard to defend rationally, so seeing all this bleeding heart crap is really annoying.

  6. I eat meat but most of my family is vegetarian or vegan but they don't care about that I eat meat since I shoved my foot in the ground and told that I did not F***ing care about that so they just let it go.

  7. The problem isn’t in meat vs vegan, the problem is the judgement and the level of wanting to have superiority over the other

  8. why does the girl have to be so annoying?
    Everybody else (literally everybody) was nice and calm. People like her just shine a wrong light on veganism. It makes me sad. It's the right thing to do.

  9. Ok I’m not normally one to judge someone but Aubrey’s general vibe made me hate her immensely. Like they way she talked and moved gghhhddhuddhjsjssjdn 👀👀👀

  10. I think a lot of people don't know why we're on top of the food chain? It's mainly because human can literally eat everything. It's just basic science.

  11. Dear gods… this girl is definitely the type of obnoxious Vegan that spawned the stereotype of "How do you know someone is a Vegan? They'll tell you"

  12. I know they say you shouldnt stereotype people but right off the bat you knew who the vegans were.

    Wanna be Vegan, be Vegan just stop giving others who aren't a hard time cos they dont agree with your way of life, I think thats the take away from all these episodes. Stop trying to force others into your lifestyle, and do what you want provided its not harming others in the process.

  13. How would I even know if a Vegan is a pedophile or a rapist or a serial killer in his or her life. How am I gonna know if they are not offending someone in this world by doing or saying something in their day to day lives?
    You cannot be perfect from all the people's point of view thus making every one imperfect.
    Taking a life of an animal for the sake of eating tasty food sounds very wrong but also imagine a Vegan smoking in public is doing no good for other people thus implying that person to be bad as he/she is causing other people cancer

    From a Vegan's point of view it sounds morally and ethically wrong to eat meat provided we have great range of food to eat in order to survive.

  14. i swear aubrey is a feminist too and im p sure that eating buckets of ice cream doesnt come down to being vegan/meat eater im p sure most ppl would get serious health issues from all that sugar etc

  15. What even is food man?
    I mean there's no meat eaters in nature the "carnivores" that exist are all just a construct they've been brainwashed by society and culture. That's about what I hear the fact you're vegan proves you're " privileged" it's not capitalism's fault. And is just me or is the girl just a little green ?


  17. It's called the food chain….
    The cycle of life….
    I'm not saying that there arnt animals who are endangered.
    But the cycle of life.

  18. i'm not against vegans (i think they are very kind) and its a personal choice but humans are made to eat meat by mother nature,we can survive without meat but thats not a 100%healthy life and obviously over eating anything is bad…humans are on top of animal kingdom and have eaten meat since the beginning
    Now please dont freaking comment that "why dont you eat dogs or cats then?",the answer is simple…you dont eat the creatures you love,you won't eat a pig if it was your pet,you wont eat a chicken if it was your pet and you loved it
    oh yeah, also dont comment that if human can eat other animals then why dont humans eat humans?arent humans animals too?
    the answer to this is simple, we are not meant to be cannibals

  19. one question, when they ask them a question it matters the chair that they sit ? if they are agree with that take a sit in his line if not they sit in the other side ? help me 🙁

  20. Ummm organic non pesticide produce is extremely expensive. And the US literally wouldn't have enough farm land to feed the whole population if we all 100% went vegan.

  21. I went vegetarian to lose weight personally me I don't care about the environment animals die every day & people, die every day it doesn't matter to me what matters is your soul is (Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and God)

  22. I recently changed my diet to a plant base for health reasons. We can’t control everything around us but what I can control, is what I put in my body. The way I see it, it’s pick your poison because you don’t know %100 what or where or how it’s made. But if it helps with my health and diet I’m all for it. On another note, the hipster chick makes it kinda embarrassing to be vegan if that makes since?

  23. the thing i hate about vegans is that they think animals and human are exactly the same, we are way to different, the first priority of every species is to their species not to others human are the same, ehy care more about the beings that are the same species that for another species is not about nothing more than nature

  24. At the end of the day the only ethical form of eating is scavenging the carcasses of animals and plants that died due to other causes.
    You can cut animals out of your food because they express feelings, but at the end of the day even as a vegan you are eating something that was alive and then killed to feed you.

  25. Vegans who are against people eating meat are usually atheist and pro choice. So their moral argument against eating meat doesn't hold up. They can't justify their position.

  26. Literally no one:
    Crazy vegan: I’m a vegan to protest capitalism.
    I think there’s nothing wrong with meat. I hunt and fish and follow the conservation laws and it’s great. Nothing feels better than eating meat you killed or caught yourself

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