1. Hey my friends!! Back in London now and wanted to share some of the findings behind detraining, muscle loss, fat gain & more! Lots of love xx

  2. Eeep! So I just got back on track from two weeks of no exercise. And boom I see this video. Bam! For me honestly I did not pick up weight (I did eat "differently") but I lost gain. Which surprised me. General strength and fitness went down really quickly. But and this was the biggest thing for me, I was able to push really hard really quickly. Meaning that my body had a really good rest. So I feel as though one should do this, decent rest every couple of months. Just to make sure your body does get really good rest. I feel as though this is important for people who do their first intense training a later in life.

  3. this really helped me feel not guilty for taking 3 weeks off during revision and exams! …need to get back to it now tho hahaha

  4. Idk why, but I was so pleased when you gave us a hug:3 Immediately cheked the thumbs up button but it was already on point, haha! Thanks for creating useful and scientific-based videos

  5. 9 minute mark- boom!! I had a car accident and after 4 months am about to start “again” this made me feel so much better! Thank you! @Natacha Océane

  6. Wonderful attitude towards fitness. I know you learned it the hard way. Thank you sharing the positivity and the great thoughts.

  7. I have to have my wisdom teeth removed, and this video really eased some of my anxiety ❤️

  8. I’m 14 and I kinda think I’m fat. I didn’t workout for a week and I’m freaking out 😞

  9. Anyway thank you for hugging. I subscribed to the channel and liked the video as well.But one thing I have to say.You were very funny in this video and I liked it and you were being cute.

  10. What about when it comes to cardio? I heard that your cells regenerate every 3 days so if you haven’t ran in three days it can stop your progress. Im the type of person who finds running extremely hard, but I try to do it for my cardiovascular health and overall physical endurance. Do we have the same “muscle memory” when it comes to our arteries and heart?

  11. Love this! such a good reminder that a break or a holiday won't ruin everything and to let your self live life! Fitness isn't everything and the gym will always be there 🙂

  12. This makes me feel so much better because I just took a two week break and I’ve been so worried that I had lost all of my progress but I’m glad I’ll get it back soon 👌🏽

  13. prenouncing charade as charawd "eloquent" "im gonna go so british on u" honey u went full british before "going" british lol

  14. How can you say no to subscribing when you gave me such a good hug xxx that marketing is the best ive ever seen

  15. Muscle memory was very important to mention! I started working out and could do maybe 2 pull ups, then I could do around 10 after 3 months. Then I broke my hand and had to stop working out my upper body for the most part. After 8 weeks of the training 'pause' I could still do 3 pull ups and got them up to 8 again within 3 weeks 😊

  16. Hi Natacha! I'm a high level competitive dancer and after completing at the world championships I found out I had to take minimum 4 months off training to heal the bones in my feet. After training so intensely for the past decade my bones have started to deteriorate. Obviously I want to get back to training and healthy ASAP but I have been putting a lot of stress and pressure on myself how I can possibly keep up with and continue to beat my competitors after not training for a third of the year. The information you said about muscle memory and multi nuclei really helped me feel better about getting back to training with a positive mindset. You have awesome, original videos, keep up the amazing work!!!! Thanks girl <3

  17. This put me at ease about taking a week off from the gym when I go on vacation at the end of July! In the middle of week 3 of Cut Reload and I am loving it.

  18. Heey I'm in a very stressed situation right now and I just don't know how to overcome it with the minimal damage in my body. I undereated and overexercised in the past 4 months, and now I'm in hospital and on a bed rest for a month now. Obviously I can't exercise and if I'm going out of the hospital I don't know where to start it again. I don't know how much muscle I will lose and how much I can risk to do. I try to gain my weight back from protein (if that's even possible) but really I don't know barely anything about how to gain weight back without looking so puffy but without exercising at all. Some suggestions? By the way you're one of the biggest inspirations for me to recover from an eating disorder but I'm reaaally scared of gain fat and I want to solve it a little

  19. I’m on a vacation in Africa for 1 month and half, and It’s such a mental pain for me not working out. But at the same time, i am giving myself a break

  20. what with those people that say they have irritable bowel syndrome and are not able to consume enough food? I have a hard time accepting it, as I see it as a mental thing in relation to food, but people that belive this cant be persuaded by my oppinion.

    edit: I mean, I feel that if you were to throw them into a 4 week military style boot camp in the woods where they had to do hellweek kinds of things, then they surely would start to appreciate food, right?

  21. Any curvy people out there, we all love love you. Any skinny people, love you to. And everyone in-between you're perfect to.
    Steve out!

  22. I love listening to your scientific breakdowns of things, please write a book about everything you know. Seriously, 10/10 would purchase! xo

  23. Due to holidays I had 3 weeks off training and also overate during that time. Yesterday's training felt like hell, except the bench press everything felt heavy and especially I felt weak and fat. Thank you SO much for this video and also for the 1 week overeating video (watched that one before). Need to get back on track with normal eating, I think I will feel better.

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