WHAT I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT – Weight loss update & chit chat!

WHAT I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT – Weight loss update & chit chat!

hello babe welcome back to my channel so
I’m filming another video for you guys today I’m filming a fall ha just made up
that song right now but by the way this is what I literally slept in I love
sleeping in super warm sweaters I have flannel do you guys see this like
flannel pants on which is almost the same feeling as this then I have a
cotton blanket but don’t think of like a cotton sheep like it I have like a
cotton Billie’s think almost wool kind of blanket and then I have this really
chunky comforter on top guys I am in my warm cocoon and it’s like it cannot get
hot enough you don’t know I’m saying it just cannot get hot it up I’ve always
felt like that I love my warm little bed but the problem with that is I get into
a hibernation mode right now you guys it’s definitely a season that tests you
and it really makes you like see if you can push yourself are not really but it
does we’re going to be doing a BLT baby be to the bacon out to the lettuce the
tomato that’s right and a part of me is like to one day wait in there you know
what I’m saying like a belt a be elt order I just want to do like a classic
one pack my pan getting all nice and hot over here for me so these are the bacon
pieces I’m gonna be using these bacon rounds it’s by President’s Choice and it
just literally says bacon rounds this is what they look like
honeydew better sizzles work what I love about bacon and I think
a lot of people don’t know is that the back of the package you might say if you
use two slices it’s like 200 calories but don’t forget guys if you’re cooking
in the oil and you let it like really soak down I like to use paper towel
after and really check out the oil the calories is not that much compared to
that because it’s the oil on the spot that carries a ton of calories though so
I have a little bowl over here we’re actually gonna be doing our a way
instead of our microwave it’s just gonna be easier around if I use this pan and
I’ve seen it first do the egg they consume your oil on it so this is just
another quick and easy way you can make your eggs especially when you’re doing a
sandwich so I’ve grabbed my olive oil spray and I just kind of rubbed a little
bit paper towel around the bowl separates I
really don’t want this fall it’s that breezy yolk like this when I
go back and forth come on that little piece of feeling so stubborn
it always does back we’re gonna grab some salt a bit it’s just gonna make it
a little bit more fluffy inside of the microwave there my microwave is really
really crazy like it’s a really powerful so I’m just gonna try like a good 30
seconds ago slowly guys on my old place I could do a minute but just kind of go
slowly and see the next thing we’re gonna need is some romaine lettuce look
how a beautiful leafy green this is like love it love the color of nature and
then we have a tomato so just going to cut a couple slices of that I use the
white thin sandwich slices and I wondered the two of these is gonna be
one of 40 yeah it’s already cooked we’re gonna take this guy out and I have my
plate over here set up with my paper towel and this is what I do this is the
oil that’s come from those who two pieces of bacon and you’re not consuming
any of this and you’re also not consuming any of the access oil that’s
on there that is a ton of calories that you’re taking out of your bacon that’s
why I always love to stress to people patience not as high calories you think
okay so grabbing and there’s a bit of but I’m putting it on each side I love
butter I wanna see it just adds so much flavor like how could something so
simple add so much flavor so my butter is vegan by the way I don’t know if you
guys care to know but it is I just freshly washed this my romaine
tiny but I just wanted to get some egg inside of there bacon down thank God I
did two slices like look how tiny these got you guys love tomato guys I love
fresh tomato cooked tomato but I think I like the raw tomato better than cooked
tomato I like to cut all of my sandwiches and how cuz I’m still a child
I also wanted to show you guy that almost
to take my probiotics I’m taking probiotics recently as of recently and I
tried these good belly probiotic shots and this one is vanilla and camomile
flavor and it is dairy-free I’m also trying the kefir the Leibert a keeper
one the strawberry one in this container but I’ve noticed thing as I’m having
this one I don’t really do well with dairy in general this is the other one
I’m having but I find it bloats me we’re just making our coffee but I find that
it blocked me and dairy just has that effect on me that’s why I kind of rip
dairy as much as I could from my life wow that sounded really dramatic I just
ripped you out of my legs that could not stand you know like I’ll have like
cheese and stuff like that but I noticed with that one I don’t feel as good at
this one I have like a flat tummy I don’t feel super bloated and it tastes
good put 60 calories for this shot i taked in the morning before I do
anything else I’m also doing cashew milk is amazing that I’m doing I’m still
using like my almond milk but I decided to get this one since it was really low
in calories this one is 35 calories per cup just like my other almond milk is I
find this one you really taste that nutty flavor at the end I will include
my probiotic of course because it is sixty calories but this is what we’re
having our beautiful BLT sandwich our coffee and I’m gonna finish this shot
before I start eating anything else and I’ve just really been enjoying it and we
will be back for lunch so I really like this what I eat today actually because
it showed you guys what I kind of buy when I’m having a crazy busy weeks and I
cooked kind of over the weekend I believe I made my soup on Sunday we’re
gonna be having that a little bit later for dinner because I feel like it’s
really good to have kind of before bed it’s nice and warm and everything and
you guys have been warning that recipes so for lunch though right now I have
these leftover cucumbers that I really want to use up I don’t want them to go
bad and it really bothers me when I like can’t find a way to use things up so
what I picked up here from Longo’s are these falafel and it actually came with
hummus like the sauce on the side but I’m not going to be using the sauce so
there was more balls of this but I just ate half of it this whole container it
says it’s 270 actually one make a falafel recipe so I do pick
things like this up when I’m just having a crazy busy week and I still want to
eat fairly healthy and balanced and then I have a Greek salad that I also got
from them I bought two of these because if you buy two you get them for seven
dollars there’s kalamata olives there’s feta
cheese your greens you have some red onion I don’t put all of this because I
tend to get bloated onion really just floats me and it’s like very acidic then
there’s little slices of tomato or little grape tomatoes over here but I
actually have a piece of tomato inside my fridge so I’m gonna use that up as
well but how good does this look already and funny enough it’s a Greek salad but
it doesn’t have any cucumber in it so this is another really quick and easy
idea if you guys are out of 9 to 5 and you want to grab something quickly from
the grocery store they have to pin on the interior so what I like to do is
grab my knife and kind of shave each individual one off yes I do each
individual one like to cut my grape tomatoes and a half sometimes they
literally squirt out my face right my outfit I’m like really like thanks for
that I really love falafel and I do really want to make that recipe on my
own because I know I can make it a little healthier and I will not be
frying mine I will be baking them and I honestly think it’s gonna taste just as
good I’m gonna wash this cucumber okay we’re gonna add everything else in so I’m leaving just a little bit left
over in the package of mine using the full entire thing toss the sky with our
dressing you can warm these up a few guys who want to but I just like to have
them just like this I like to cut them in half it’s kind of spreading them
apart so that you have more instead of it looking like you’re not eating that
much I’m bit of a person I do eat with my eyes if you guys are like that too
or if you guys are new to the calorie counting journey that we are all on
probably be one of those where you know you kind of are afraid of your portions
and they’re making you really sad it looks like you’re not eating a lot so
this is kind of another tip that I have cutting up things and making it look
like it’s a lot more and again this is like really good for on-the-go moms that
are super busy if you guys have a really crazy busy week it’s super quick and
easy and sometimes I don’t cook at home and this is kind of what I eat dinner
dinner let me show you guys this gorgeous fall soup that I made like does
this look like fall or what so I cooked this on Sunday yes I didn’t film it for
you guys but I’m gonna have the entire recipe down below it’s super quick and
easy honestly you cannot mess this recipe up my honest truth is that
sometimes I just like to cook like in silence and peace and I was just having
like a really lazy Sunday it’s always this thing like it’s frozen better than
fresh right they were actually saying that frozen spinach and frozen fruits
and veggies in general actually keep their nutrients more once a frozen
buying frozen fruits and veggies you’re going to save so much money it is not
even funny like a bag is five dollars of blueberries meanwhile a little tiny
container is five dollars it’s definitely soup season and you guys
are going to love this one the other thing I want to mention is
typically in the Portuguese soup we use our Portuguese sausage which is called
shitty sand with basically pork sausage obviously and that is a lot more fatty
so what I’ve done to replace it is I just had some turkey sausages that I
actually bought and honestly have this soup vegetarian if you guys don’t want
to use any meat it’s totally fine but if you do want to add sausage you could add
pork sausage it’s just gonna be a lot more calories whereas these guys were
really super low calorie super comforting really nice and warm of
course for the fall season it obviously depends how big your bowl and
how big your portion and how much you’re putting of each ingredient my advice is
to use a app like My Fitness Pal or my net diary which allows you to do a
recipe it will ask you in the end like split this up into ten bowls and you
guys can put into ten containers and you know how much calories is the entire pot
and you know how many calories are specifically in that containers so I
really wanted to include it in a video so that you guys didn’t have to wait too
long for it oh by the way if you guys have not watched my latest vlog make
sure you guys do it has my pumpkin spice latte in that video that you guys wanted
and it also has my banana bread because we’re waiting so if you guys missed that
video make sure you guys go back and watch it if you guys are not follow me
on IG by the way it is at stuff Jake Macedo Macedo probably gonna let me give
you both a little bit of an update I feel like I haven’t in a while so my
weight loss journey has been very like whoo but I’m still doing what ain’t in a
day to lose weight because this is a journey I’m still on my weight-loss
journey and as you guys know I gained weight and I feel like ever since I’ve
moved in my journey has been very like floppy focusing on other parts of my
life or there’s just been too much going on or something but my weight loss
definitely went on the back burner and I told you guys that I did gained about
like 10 to 12 pounds and then I lost like some of that and gained some of it
and lost some of that again so the whole point of wedding in the days to lose
weight is a whole journey I’m never I never want to come on here and be like
this week was perfect this week is perfect this week was perfect cuz that’s
not how it always goes on a weight loss journey you know it was so much easier
meaning we’re actually talking about this it’s so much easier than beginning
you have this fire we’re time that fire runs out and you have to kind of for
those of you who have been on this for like as long as I have and you guys have
been following along you’re probably like oh my god she’s going through a
Toolik I thought it was crazy you’re not crazy girl like the fire burns out and
you have to create that fire yourself and I remember talking to you guys about
that ain’t going to the gym has just been hard I went back and I was feeling
great and then it just kind of died down again and I feel like I was so
focused on work and it’s sometimes really hard to balance when work is
really busy fall in winter is a massive challenge no one wants to make it to the
gym in the winter and it’s just so much harder I go into this like hibernation
mode what I’ve noticed for myself that’s gonna help me a lot is doing at home
workouts if you can’t make it out there then there’s no excuse why you can’t be
doing it here and if you can make an hour time for this or an hour to go home
to core shopping then I think you can make an hour to work your butt off like
you know I’m not going back to where I started that’s for sure I just wanted to
chat with you guys a little bit and just let you know like this thing is not
perfect if you guys have been doing this from one I’ve been doing it and you’re
still going strong and doing it good for you you know what I mean like all power
to you and I’m so proud of all of you guys that I’ve been on this journey
because I know how hard it is I know how hard you guys are working especially if
you guys were heavier than I were if you guys lost more than I did like honestly
congratulations like that’s that’s really huge and you probably don’t hear
people like I’m so proud of you all the time and I honestly am especially if I
was some sort of inspiration for you guys during all that and I hope I was I
honestly think that’s one of my goals is to really just inspire people but I also
don’t want to come on here and be like everything is perfect I’m losing weight
week by week that’s not the case that’s just not the case I’m human and I’m
going through this thing you know what I mean and I have other struggles too so
but yeah maybe I need to work a little less and maybe I need to work out a
little more work a little less work out a little more you know what I’m saying I
still love to do this what a today’s to lose weight because it’s my weight loss
journey it’s what I’m doing to lose weight just because I don’t lose that
pound or that town jinan hat for those two pounds does know I mean I’m not on a
weight loss journey and I’m on this with you guys
honestly hopefully all of these videos are helping you guys out and just
remember that it’s not always going to be perfect and don’t give that number on
the scale even with me don’t let it like take over all of the progress that
you’ve made you know I constantly remind myself that being and it’s just
number and everything that you’ve done up into this point is so much hold so
much more value than that damn number on there and I did in that homework out
last night and I felt so good and my arms are like sore and everything and
I’m just slowly getting back at it because it’s just where I’m at I think
influencers like us that are on these weight loss journeys and have these
audiences watching us there’s a lot of pressure why am I not at 125 why am I
not at 120 right now well cuz I’m not I don’t know what’s going on in your lives
and that’s why you can’t judge or anybody is that so I have a funny story
guys so I decided to go and grab my Starbucks so I did it on my phone and
I’m like I’m gonna just do my mobile order I got it and then I’m like like
random craving my so this is like something that I consider my cheat
whenever I want something really sweet but like a bad sweet I know you guys
have like some locations in the US but not a lot you see that right there like
this is our coffee spot okay like this is what we are known for this is my
favorite from two morons a peanut butter cookie I think I have to save that guy
in the fridge it was like so random I was not even thinking of this I’m gonna
go and enjoy this you guys and I love to dip inside of my coffee I take my coffee
this is a medium coffee with two milk one sugar that’s how I take it isn’t I
actually should make these at home myself so that I can make them a little
bit more healthy and dip them into my own coffee well we’re at 94 K you guys
oh my god we’re getting close to 100 this looks cool
okay little wave oh yeah if you guys are not subscribed to my channel make sure
you guys do and also click that little bell right next to the subscribe button
so you guys can notify for all of my brand new videos make sure you also give
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don’t forget to follow me on IG at steps you Macedo hopefully you guys enjoyed
all of these or recipes that will leave some love down below some comments if
you guys want to see more of these videos and don’t forget my soup recipe
is down below for y’all so don’t worry watch yourself I didn’t forget y’all
thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in
my next video

48 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT – Weight loss update & chit chat!

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