Why Is This Woman Experiencing Extreme Weight Loss?

Rejoins us now with Gastroenterologist dr. Seuss Hatcher and internist and nutrition specialist dr. Molina Jan Poulos. Thank you all so much for being here and This has really consumed your life, it is my life if you can call it a life And I think that’s very apparent and watching everything that you’ve been through dr. Satcher Let’s start with you in terms of what you found so we ran some blood tests on you and Where your creatinine function which is typically people think of it as a kidney function test but it? Also is a measure of your muscle mass was lower than we anticipated Which goes along with all of your symptoms as well your iron Panel overall shows a large deficiency in iron and other nutrients going through all of those pages also your vitamins your minerals have always been low so It was clear that there was definitely a malabsorption especially with all the diarrhea You’ve been having as well your fecal elastase which is a stool test you’ve given in the past Has shown that you have symptoms of pancreas issues you know and that can be an issue with some of the autoimmune problems even having and The stool culture that we tested actually Did show a strain of e.coli that could be contributing to your symptoms? And on my end with the testing that I did in the office especially with the body composition testing so we tested your body fat percentage and it was 15.7 normal for a woman your age is anywhere from 21 to 33 percent When we start getting at 18 percent or below? That’s a big red flag for malnutrition and your malabsorption issues the fact that you’re not absorbing critical vitamins minerals nutrients including fat this is all contributing to how terrible you feel – and so I think That this is not going to be easy because it’s definitely complicated by your very long list of real Medical problems I mean and anybody who says you know this is anorexia an eating disorder I be It’s the it is Undeniably a real medical disorder and and its actually a number of overlapping disorders But the good news is is I think? With the team we’re going to be able to help and we’re going to be able to work to get you back Now that you hear this and I want to focus now on the medical does that give you some hope medically speaking Hope is still kind of hard for me to understand but Yeah, actually it does. I just don’t even know what that would look like but yes I would love to see you know that would look like one thing that we were talking about because we’ve been talking about you every Day, we want to put together a plan no I mean, it’s it’s for us is this why right? This is why we went into medicine. You know because it really takes a team of Nutrition experts and Gi experts, and you know health experts in all fields This is a multifactorial so I would like to now Turn our attention to something that I also think needs to be addressed and that is the mind gut connection and I would like the two of you to talk a little bit about I think a lot of things that were uncovered in your conversations Over the last couple of years. It’s really become your identity you had shared with me that it’s your whole life mm-hmm he’s not been able to do the things that you love that you enjoy and It’s just change your whole perspective And I just want to say is there any fear of what your life would look like if your illness went away Yeah, actually it is it is a little bit of a fear Because I’ve also become so insular and my life has become so small And like this it’s everything that I do and it’s everything that I talked about and mm-hmm I’m gonna have to make friends again and find hobbies, right Well because so much of your conversations with all of your loved ones Have been around this illness right is that when that goes away, then what’s next for you. That’s a great question I’ve no idea. I’ve been able to work on a year So I wouldn’t even I mean Maybe I could get a job or something maybe I can get a hobby I I I don’t know what’s next and that is actually quite frightening. I think that You were saying about the mind-body connection I I pray and I meditate every morning and every evening And that’s been a huge part of I think being able to keep up with this illness But You’re right who knows like who knows what? Could come out of being well in like every facet of my life You

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